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Long Bean Omelette

The little one fell sick just the weekend that has passed. Since she had fever on Saturday night, I decided to cook something light and easy for our lunch the next day.

Most of the time when she's down with fever, I would feed her with porridge water till her fever subsides. Since she only had 1 dose of paracetamol the night before, I suppose cooking the porridge with some dried whitebait fish and corn should be ok too :p

And porridge without the old-school canned food doesn't seem right for the junk foodie husband (lol). So we had the canned 5 spice pork cubes with braised peanuts for the adults, along with omelette.

This combination seems the perfect comfort food for the husband, since he said it reminded him of his granny who has passed away.

I never knew the various ways of cooking omelette, because I grew up with just the plain o' omelette. My mother also wouldn't use certain processed food like cai por, hotdogs etc. Our diet was mainly light also. I think the "heaviest" kind of food would be stir fry dark soy pork liver hahaha. I think the 80s Hokkien kids mostly grew up with this dish.

Anyway, so my husband actually gave me the names of certain Hokkien or Nonya dishes, and for me to explore them :p

One of the dishes is this long bean omelette. I have always used french bean, but one of my friends corrected me that it should be long bean. (Thankful for Hokkien friends! lol)

Long Bean Omelette with Cai Por
(Serves 2-3 adults as side dish)
- 2 eggs
- Long Bean (or french bean if you like crunchier bite), sliced thinly
- 1 clove of garlic, diced
- Handful of cai por (Chinese dried radish)

- Dash of white pepper
- A few drops of fish sauce
- 1 tsp of water

1.  Rinse the cai por about 3 times. If you would like it to be less salty, soak it for about 1-2 mins. Crack the eggs and beat it lightly with a fork. Add in dash of pepper and a few drops of fish sauce, mix well. Add in 1 tsp of water, mix well.

2.  Heat up oil in pan. Make sure the oil is enough for omelette, so it won't stick later on. Add in the diced garlic before the pan gets hot, so your garlic wouldn't get burnt easily.

3.  Sautee the garlic till fragrant, add in the cai por. Stir fry for a while, add in long bean (or french bean).

4.  Stir fry till the long bean turns greener in color. Spread out the long bean and cai por on the pan.

5.  Pour in egg mixture to cover the entire pan. Cook over medium-low or low heat. Flip over only when the omelette seems set. Cook for 1-2 mins further before you dish up.

* I have used about 1 tbsp of cai por because that's the husband's favorite, and added in about 5 or 6 drops of fish sauce (less sodium version). You can use lesser if you want it to be milder in taste.

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