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EQ's "Baby-Led Weaning" Progress Report at 24 Months!

Oppps! It has been a while since I've last blogged about the little one's growth.

Truth be told, I have been quite busy these couple of months, and had been picking her up from the childcare later than usual. So to make our time more "quality" and to stop her from using gadgets like the iPhone, I try to put my phone away when we are together.

So, I am quite happy as her childcare teacher told me that they would be training the toddlers to feed themselves. And she added that EQ didn't have problem self-feeding. I was a proud mama that moment!

BLW Finger Food in Singapore

As I was not a stay-at-home-mum right from the start, we feed her a mixture of "finger food" like baby muffins, steamed fruits and vegetables, as well as puree and porridge.

I remembered her first spoon-self-feeding incident happened when she was 10 months old. Since then, I have been struggling with the idea of letting her self-feed because of the massive cleanup after every meal - just so you know, flying porridge - well, flies everywhere lol.

(Read about my baby's "finger food" journey, taken after the popular Baby-Led Weaning, here.)

BLW Finger Food in Singapore
Feeding herself yogurt.

And now, at 24+ months, she feeds herself at almost every meal, with steady hands and/or spoon and fork.

The "darker" days in the past became so worth it now! :D

BLW Finger Food in Singapore
Self-feeding spaghetti (we've cut the spaghetti to a manageable length for her) at Hot Tomato.

BLW Finger Food in Singapore
 Self-feeding rice + some side dishes with soup at Japanese Gourmet Town, VivoCity.

BLW Finger Food in Singapore
Having banana pancakes for dinner at Refuel Cafe! LOL.
It was so good she munched on the pancakes like that!

BLW Finger Food in Singapore
Oppppsss. This is her "occasional" treat. We try to eat lesser of those unhealthy food when we are with her. But well, you know most men are fans of unhealthy food right? Hahaha!

If you are a parent, who is having thoughts of trying out the full-fledged Baby-Led Weaning journey, or the "finger food" version, OR if you are a parent having the dark days of massive cleaning 3 time a day, be encouraged that you will be able to see an independent eater at a young age - slowly but surely :)

Do also check out some of my previous posts on the little one's self-feeding journey here.

What are some of the difficulties you have encountered to get your little one to self-feed? :)

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