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EQ's 2nd Birthday!

This year, I am trying to keep up and schedule my blog posts. Oh well, I do hope it works for me :p

We celebrated the little one's birthday last month, and I had to say December was the busiest month for me! I don't really want to think about the upcoming CNY yet lol...

Ok, so for her birthday, it was quite a last minute planning to get everything together, although I did a rough sketch of the party table a couple of weeks before the party date. 

I chose to DIY everything - because that was what mothers did during our time right?! Haha.. Actually, I had time so I decided to "personalise" everything myself, la.

I've asked Jacqualine to help me print the backdrop, and she's very prompt, despite that it was quite a last minute order. Anyway, she does an amazing business on party planning, backdrops and party favors on Hello Lobang!

For the cake, I only knew that I wanted to make a girl in CareBear suit, because she's so much in love with the CareBears lol.. The proportion seems a little off, but it's my first human figurine, so I am quite happy with it!

The design was done on that day itself, I just put on whatever I think looks good - and had enough time for me to do. The woes of having a caker as mummy - I just wanted to put everything girly on the cake, which was impossible la! Hahaha.

Chiffon cupcakes with fondant toppers featuring the CareBear symbols design. I kind of regretted that I didn't take photos of these cupcakes (too tired to do that haha).

For flower decorations, I had enquired with an online florist via IG for the flowers. However, they forgot about the order (boo hoo). So I had to last minute reach out to 85 Flowers just a day before the party. The person managing the FB page (assuming is one of the bosses :)) was really very nice! Would visit them again for our daily table flowers.

Although I had ordered loose cut flowers from them, the bouquet of flowers were carefully wrapped up. I simply had to trim a little, and arrange them in jars on my own.

And, I was actually very happy to see the HUGE bouquet of flowers! It consisted of hydrangea, spray roses, gerbera, eustoma, baby's breathe, and other fillers. I had so many stalks of flowers that I had to give them away lol..

As my house is quite small, we were wondering where to place the food. The husband came up with such a good idea lol.... (By the way, we wrapped up the little one's tricycle in clean trash bags because we had neighbour somewhere smoking like almost every 2 hours daily. Grrrr.)

I've grown so fat, post-breastfeeding lol... I am sure it must have been more than 6kg from my pre-pregnancy weight!

Party Planning Tips for a 2-Year-Old Party:

1.  Timing
For 2 year olds, I realised napping is still very important. The little one would be very cranky and prone to tantrums if she didn't nap that day. So plan around your child's nap time. Mine was 5pm and we served dinner for the guests.

2.   Plan Early
Although I finalised the details and food just a few days before the party, I was glad that I had thought of possible cake designs and dessert placement on the party table. Most catering companies would also need you to confirm and make payment about 7-5 days prior to event date. Most customised cakes also need around 2-3 weeks in advance to take in confirm orders.

3.  Save Some Buckeroos
Planning a party for kids can easily blow up your budget. For me, I add on quite a fair bit of things along the way (oppps). You can see what you are good at, eg. crafting, balloon sculpting, etc, and add these things to your party for some unique touch.

You can also look at Qoo10 for lower priced items for decoration or party ware. I've ordered the balloons on Qoo10, although they don't last beyond 2 days, they are quite reasonably priced.

Alternatively, you can also look at Daiso for inexpensive disposable party ware. I love their disposable plates in all kinds of designs! I have also seen some cute candles there. 

Have Fun!

* * * * * * * * *

Backdrop: Hello Lobang
Flowers: 85 Flowers
CareBear Standees & Banner: DIY
Plates & Cutlery: Daiso
Table Cloth & Balloons: Party Day
Desserts: Chiffon cupcakes, Lemon curd tartlets, Espresso macadamia slices, Cookies, Jelly cups, Non-alcoholic sparkling cranberry lemonade cocktail
Food: Neo Garden

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