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Hello 2016!

I had been really busy in the last month of 2015!

Thank God for the fulfilling 2015, though it had been bittersweet for me :)

I haven't really had time to take photos of new recipes I've tried - so here's a recap of 2015!

(Left to right: Marble Loaf Bread, Panna Cotta with Berries Gelee, Pancakes with fruits, Pineapple Tarts, Purple Sweet Potato Heart Shaped Bread Bun, Giraffe Print Loaf Bread, Petite Sweet Bread Rolls, Pumpkin Bread Buns, Dinner (lol), Mont Blanc Chiffon Cake, Apple Fungus Sweet Soup, Sandwich with Potato Salad, Butter Cookies)

In the meanwhile, here are some recipes that you might be interested in:

1.  Giraffe Print Loaf Bread - A milk loaf with giraffe spot prints, made using the bread machine.

Petite Sweet Bread Rolls - Mini bread rolls made using overnight sweet bread dough.

Apple Snow Fungus Sweet Soup - A dessert that's good served both hot or cold, soothes the throat and cough.

Baked Donuts with Chocolate Glaze - An one-bowl (ok maybe 2 bowls to be exact lol) baked donuts recipe with chocolate glaze and sprinkles.

Mont Blanc Chiffon Cake - A soft and moist chestnut chiffon cake topped with chestnut cream.

6.  Sweet Potato Heart Shaped Bread Bun -
A cute heart shaped bun in purplish pink hue, using the autolyse method.

Soft Wholemeal Bread - A soft wholemeal bread that you will enjoy! Made using bread machine.

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