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Easy Potato Salad (Overnight)

Sometime in November last year, I happened to see this book on salad and appetizers online, and was quite amazed by the variety of salads the book has.

The first salad to try would have got to be potato salad, since it's the hubby's favourite!

Potato Salad
This was packed for my husband's breakfast box, to be eaten in his office :p
Potato Salad, served along with Kyoho grapes and sandwich.

I simplified the recipe because I am not sure if the hubby likes a splash of vinegar in it. I would prepare this salad the night before, and store it in a glass jar, sealed properly, and serve the next morning :)

So it's easy breakfast too!

Potato Salad - Recipe Adapted from 美味常備菜120道:是沙拉,是小菜,也是便當
-  4 to 5 Potatoes
-  5 Slices of Ham
- 3 Hardboil Eggs, shelled *I omitted
-  1 Japanese cucumber
-  150g Japanese mayonnaise
-  1/2 tsp salt + some salt for sprinkling
-  Black Pepper
-  Chopped Parsley, optional

1.  Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into quarters, place into pot. Add water till it covers the potatoes.

2.  Turn on the stove and cook over medium heat till boiling. Once boiling, turn down the heat to low. Add the pot lid to continue cooking for 15 mins, until the potatoes are soft enough for a skewer to poke through.

3.  In the meantime, slice cucumber thinly. Sprinkle with salt. Set aside for a min before washing off the salt. Squeeze out excess water with kitchen paper towel.

4.  Tear the slices of ham roughly (about 1cm squares). Mash 2 of the hardboiled eggs roughly. Cut the remaining hardboiled egg into pieces (so that presentation looks nicer).

5.  Remove potatoes from the pot and mash it while it is hot. Let cool slightly, and add in the mayonnaise. Mix well.

6.  Add in the cucumber, ham, mashed egg, salt and black pepper. Mix well, and top with the cut-up hardboiled egg.

7.  Garnish with chopped parsley.

- Choose freshly cracked black pepper for deeper flavor.
- I use Kewpie's mayonnaise because according to my "potato salad expert" husband, this makes the best potato salad ever lol...
- If you would like, reduce the amount of ham; add in diced pan-fried bacon pieces the next morning, just before you serve :) Remember to blot off excess oil from the bacon before dicing it!


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