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Beginner Tips for Toddlers' Quiet Book

A few months ago, last year, I was searching for activities for the little one.

And I came to this "quiet book" activity, where the toddlers flip through felt books. Inside the books, there were a huge variety of sensory items for them, eg. beads, ribbons, different kind of fabric, zips, velcro etc.

And so I started to gather ideas to sew my first quiet book!

I also decided on a "fruits" theme, so I could reinforce her learning at the childcare centre :)

Opps, I didn't realise the green ribbon came off lol..

Velcro on butterfly, attached to ribbon, because I was afraid that the little one would misplace it.

 One of the apples were missing - obviously misplaced by the little one already haha!

On the left were velcro fruits with a basket; on the right is more of a nature/greenery page,
with velcro rabbit, button flower and velcro cloud.

And that's the last page of my little quiet book!

Tips for Starting Your Own Quiet Book

1.  Plan & Sketch 
When I knew I wanted to sew a quiet book, I didn't know where to start with. You can decide if you want a theme, and then check the Internet for ideas.

For me, whenever I see nice quiet books on the Internet, I will pin them on my Pinterest board. And it's very useful, because you can see all images at a glance. It would definitely help in planning your pages, if you are new like me :)

Since I am more of a "planner" and someone who works better when I "see" than visualise, I decided to sketch the pages down in details.

Be prepared that you might make changes along the way - I changed my entire cover page!

2.  Cute Pictures
Once you have decided on the layout and theme, it would be easier. For the individual items to be attached to each page, I would sketch them out. You can also check out the Internet for nice clipart.

3.  Supplies
I wrote down the supplies that I would need under each page of my sketches, eg. white felt, blue buttons, thread etc.

This would help you see what are the supplies you have at home, and what you would need to buy.

All of my supplies were bought from Daiso. I would recommend Vivocity's outlet because I've found them to carry more sewing and craft supplies.

Some of the basic supplies you might need (which I got from Daiso):
- Felt in various colors or patterns
- Washable fabric pen
- Pins
- Needles (you might need thicker / longer ones if you have quite a few layers of felt on a page)
- Velcro
- Decorative buttons
- Thread in various colors
- Scissors

4.  Cutting & Sewing
For my book, I am using the size of a half A4 paper. So I would use the fabric pen to trace the outline before cutting it out. The side with traces of the pen would be the back side of the page (so that it can be concealed later on). 

For some items, you can simply hold the paper and cut it out. For some smaller ones,
you might want to use the pins to secure it in place before cutting.

For sewing by hand, you would need to know blanket stitches mostly.  For some of the letters, I use stem stitch to sew.

5.  Variations in Sensory Play
You can add different elements in your quiet book. For me, I stick to using mainly velcro because it was easier for me to plan and sew.

Other fun elements include using zippers, using a variety of beads and decorative buttons, ribbons etc.

6.  Binding
There are also various ways to bind the quiet book, after you have completed the pages. Most frequently used method would be using the eyelet puncher (like our paper hole puncher), and bind together using metal rings.

For me, I simply sewed the sides together, since it was not all that thick, and added a small piece of felt on top of the stitches to conceal it.

Have Fun!

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