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Purple Sweet Potato Heart Shaped Bun (Autolyse Method)

I have seen this heart shaped bun on Little Miss Bento's blog, and then later on in Cookpad's website. It's really so cute, and I finally could squeezed some time out to make this bread.

Egg sandwich, served along with wakame salad and fresh cherries :)

Surprisingly, it took lesser time to shape than my white buns. Next time I probably should just let the dough rise in the bread machine :p

I've used our usual loaf bread recipe and added in the sweet potato powder. Autolyse method is also used here, because it makes really softer and fluffy bread without starter dough. Design of the heart shaped bread is inspired by Little Miss Bento :)

Purple Sweet Potato Heart Shaped Bun 
Makes 8 buns

-  220g bread flour
-  22g plain flour
-  8g purple sweet potato powder
-  15g sugar
-  100ml milk, cold
-  70ml water, cold

-  4g salt (about 1/2 tsp)
-  3g yeast (about 1 tsp)
-  20g butter

1.  For autolyse method, place both flour, sweet potato powder, sugar, milk and water into bread pan. Knead into a ball roughly, around 8-10 mins. I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Menu 11 (Dumpling skin).

2.  Cover bread pan with cling wrap. Place into refrigerator for 30 mins - 45 mins.

3.  After above 2 steps, take bread pan out of the fridge, add in butter and salt. Place yeast in dispenser. Choose Panasonic SD-P104 Menu 9, Bread Dough. It will take about 1 hour to knead and proof.

4.  After first proof, take bread pan out of the machine. Divide the dough roughly into 8 portions.

5.  Punch out air and roll each dough into a longish oval shape. I do this by pressing my rolling pin onto the dough, making a "+" sign. Using the horizontal line as guide, I roll upwards from this centre line, and roll downwards, into a longish shape.

6.  Roll the longish oval shaped dough into swiss roll (rather tightly). Pinch and seal the open edges. Fold the dough into half. Using dough scraper, cut the centre so it resembles a "Y" shape. (Please click here to see pictorial tutorial from Little Miss Bento)

7.  Place dough onto baking tray once done. Cover with damp cloth, or cling wrap. Let rest for 20 mins.

8.  Before baking, sprinkle some bread flour on the bread sparingly for a rustic look (optional). Bake in preheated oven 160-170C, middle rack, for about 20-25 mins. Let cool completely before storing into air tight containers.

* Heart shaped bread inspired by Little Miss Bento.
* Autolyse method from Lama Shania.
* I got my purple sweet potato powder from Kitchen Capers.

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