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Wholemeal Oat Kaya Loaf Bread

I have been trying out different recipes, and looking out for "shortcuts" and tips for really soft and fluffy bread.

So, I was so happy to have tried this recipe - kaya loaf bread. I've replaced some of the bread flour with wholemeal flour, and I really like the subtle sweetness of kaya in this loaf bread.


Kaya can be considered one of the "staple" breakfast food locally. There are mainly 2 types of kaya - the green, pandan Nonya Kaya, or this caramel-y Hainanese Kaya. I prefer this Hainanese Kaya!

Wholemeal Oat Kaya Loaf Bread
- 230g bread flour
- 20g plain flour (or cake flour if you are ok with bleached flours)
-  2 tbsp sugar *I've used 1.5 tbsp of demerara sugar
- 1 tbsp milk powder
- 1 tsp salt
- 20g butter
- 65g kaya
- 160ml cold milk
- 4 tbsp rolled oats
- 1 tsp yeast

1.  Place all ingredients, except yeast and oats, into the bread pan. Place yeast into dispenser; rolled oats into raisin compartment.

2.  Select bread Menu 3 Soft Bread (Raisin YES without melody); or Menu 2 Rapid Bread (Raisin YES without melody, yeast adjust to 1.5 tsp).

3.  Press Start.

4.  When bread is ready, cool completely before slicing. Store in airtight container or ziplock bag.

*I am using Panasonic bread machine, SD-P104. 

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