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Petite Sweet Bread Rolls

I had been buying recipe books recently so I can make more variations for breakfast and tea break items for the husband and toddler (lol..), and I was so glad to have come across this bread making recipe book at the Popular bookstore a few days back.

This book shows you how to make petite bread rolls, and I thought some of the bread looked really cute!

The dough seems quite sticky (I probably would need to add a little more flour in next time), so it was quite difficult for me to shape, thus the weird rolls lol..

But it was a winner for the little one! She loves it so much!

I sliced the bread halfway, and put in tuna filling, along with some greens for breakfast. It was good!

Petite Sweet Bread Rolls (Recipe from 可愛手揉小麵包:低溫冷藏的睡眠發酵魔法)
Makes 20 petite rolls

- 200g bread flour
- 3g salt
- 1g yeast (about 1/2 tsp)
- 20g sugar
- 20g milk, cold
- 80g egg, lightly beaten, cold
- 30g water, cold
- 15g butter, cold
- Egg wash, optional

1.  Place 1 tbsp of liquid in a small bowl, add in yeast. Set aside for 1 min, then swirl the bowl slightly to dissolve the yeast.

2.  Slightly whisk the flour and dry ingredients. Place into bread pan, add in liquid from (1). Start bread machine to knead into dough (Panasonic SD-P104, Menu 11). When the ingredients form into a rough dough, add in butter.

3.  Let bread machine complete dough cycle. Once completed, place dough into a container (container brush lightly with oil) with lid.

4.  Place dough into fridge for at least 8 hours. The dough should have proofed to 1.5-2 times bigger. The dough can be used between 8-24 hours only.

5.  Remove dough from fridge and divide into 20 equal portions.

6.  Shape dough into balls. Rest for 15 mins (cover with cling wrap or damp cloth).

7.  Roll the dough into tear drop shape, gradually rolling with 2 hands to make the end longer and "sharper". The length should be around 12 cm.

8.  Place dough vertically on work surface. Use your index finger and thumb to hold on to the thinner end. Roll out to flatten the "fatter" dough on top (move your rolling pin in a motion away from your body).

9.  Roll up the dough like a swiss roll, towards you. Repeat for the rest of the balls of dough.

10. Place all of the dough on baking tray for last proof of 30 mins. You might want to place the tray in the kitchen, or anywhere in the house where it is warmer. Alternatively, you can also proof in oven, 35C-40C for 30 mins.

11. Apply egg wash if you prefer. Bake at preheated oven 180C for 10-12 mins.

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