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Before I was put on bed rest, I was working on some gift packs with a very nice mummy!

I am always happy when I get customised orders because it would mean throwing me out of my comfort zone, and maybe doing something that's quite new to me :)

I've used my favourite vanilla chiffon sponge cake base, with swiss meringue buttercream so it stays better in our climate, and with those cute piping jelly!

A taste of that really reminded me of my childhood.

It is a good time, now, to reflect on what I've done the past half year. I started to take in more orders from May onwards, and my very first fondant cake was in May itself. I always attributed my "skills" to the talent that God has given me.

Will you believe that I only really started doing frosted whole cakes in Dec 2014, and fondant cakes in May 2015? :)

I probably overloaded myself and allowed myself to be busier than what God has intended me to! A friend once told me that God's will is nothing more than having enough time for God apart from work. That's a really sound advice that I had been trying / struggling to keep to!

And these rainbow cookies happened when Vinna enquired for her little girl's birthday party. See her post here!

The cookies above were my first attempt, so they don't look really round hahha. I was glad that the actual cookies turned out better :)

And that reminds me! 3 more months to my own darling's birthday. I really hope I would be mobile by then to make her her favourite cakes!

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