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How to Color Buttercream Frosting

So, my love is Swiss Meringue buttercream frosting! :p

I was on a strict diet when I was a teenager, fighting with self-esteem issues, linking being "thin" to being pretty and popular (opps). Back then I don't take frosting at all, and actually found them quite yucky.

Which can also be true. I recently went on a date with the hubby, and we went to this kinda popular rainbow cake cafe. I was disappointed with the taste of the buttercream. It tasted bland with some bitter and plastic aftertaste.

I usually make swiss meringue buttercream - which is so fluffy and silky on your palate. I hardly detect any greasiness in my mouth (usually on my hands lol). When you make sure you heat the egg whites to 70C, it will be stable and really safe for consumption.

Sometimes I add food coloring into the buttercream frosting, depending on clients' requirements. However I try to limit these colors, so I usually do much pastel colors.

Check out a sample recipe for SMBC here!

Tips in Coloring Buttercream:

1.  Gel Colors
Gel colors are more intense than liquid colors, and they don't really change the consistency of the buttercream, because you use less of it, compared to liquids.

You can also mix in a few colors to get the shade you want. I have more Wilton colors in my storage, however, I find Americolor work better.

2.  Clean Toothpick
Make sure each time you want to add colors from the tube, use a clean toothpick to get the color out. For Americolor, it's generally quite easy to add colors by drops from the bottle.

3.  No Air Bubbles
Before adding coloring, I usually beat the frosting in my mixer, using the paddle attachment. It makes the buttercream smoother, beating out the air bubbles.

4.  Spatula
You can add color in your mixer using the paddle attachment. Or easier, place your buttercream in bowls, add color, and mix using your spatula.

5.  Do It In Advance
If you are very particular about the shades of your buttercream, color it a few hours ahead, because the colors will intensify. Most bakers also recommend to color the buttercream overnight, so that the colors can "set".

Once colored, simply cover the bowl with cling wrap, or transfer into container. The next day, take it out to thaw slightly in room temperature. Then whip it up to a smooth consistency. You'd experience some curdling or weeping, but yes, keep the faith and whip on (lol). It would whip to the usual SMBC after a while. 

Have fun!! :)

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