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Toddler Activity: DIY Alphabet Book

Had been quite busy lately - which I don't really know if it's a good thing.

Just as I thought I am getting a hang of "being a mum", the little one has been displaying her "prelude" to the Terrible Two.

Although I would like to think that it's just a passing phase of her trying to express herself, scooping and transferring rice from 1 bowl to another everyday during dinner, is simply very challenging, especially when the hubby worked late at times.

With the hubby away means that I need to keep mess to minimal, clean up the table a bit, bath and dress her, get her ready for bed. I sort of forgot how it is to be a SAHM :p

Anyway, I set aside some time to make some free printable books for the little one!

One of my friends is a SAHM, and she is trying to introduce homeschool to her little one (same age as mine). She shared some homeschooling resources with me, which is really comprehensive!

I printed out this letter book on The Measured Mom. It's really easy. I just print out and cut the pages into 2. I don't have a printer that can print on both sides, so I used glue (stick) to stick the 2 pieces of paper together.

I printed on paper that I bought from Popular bookstore (160gsm), so it's slightly thicker. I cut the corners round before sticking the paper together.

You can fasten the book together, using stapler. Alternatively, use a sharp object (eg ice pick or screwdriver) to make 2 holes along the "spine", use a thread to tie it together.

I decided to stick on some felt to have some "sensory play" for the book :)

Give it a try!

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