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Time seems to pass so fast for me (you too?! heh)!

I have not been updating the blog because I was so busy for the past few weeks. And trying to take care of the baby, during the few times she had been unwell.

I wonder how some full time working mum bloggers do this thang! (I can't haha)

So just some pictures of the cakes I had been busy with - I really had no idea about the preparation that goes into a simple fondant cake, before I started this :p

Chocolate Cake and Oreo Malt Chocolate Cupcakes
Picture from Cherry: Sweet Memoirs

Chocolate Cake - Rich butter-based chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache

Mocha Mousse Cake - Coffee flavored chocolate butter-based cake, frosted with mocha whipped cream, decorated with Pepero chocolate sticks, crunchy chocolate bits and strawberries.

 A sweet fondant bow cake for a 2-year-old birthday celebration! I love the over-sized bow!

And then I made a cake for my friend yesterday, for her birthday celebration! It was supposed to be a surprise, so I contacted her boyfriend, who eventually did all the work to organise a mini party for her.

I wanted to pipe on the cute minion face, however I ran out of time (the little one had fever through the weekend, till Monday). So had to make do with paper cake toppers, but I thought they looked really cute too!

Vanilla Milk Cake - Butter-based sweet vanilla cake with swiss meringue buttercream,
sandwiched with refreshing bits of lychee & strawberries. 

I was actually losing confidence over these cakes, after realising not everyone likes the taste of butter-based cakes - which I do!

Most of us grow up with bakery cakes - those dreamy, fluffy and soft chiffon cake bases. However, to do all the nice frosting, I prefer to use buttercream. And this SMBC is really silky and fluffy and sweet - great for people who has the sweet tooth for desserts (like me lol)!

So... My friend told me that she really likes the cake, together with her family members, made me regain my faith in butter based cakes!

Well, everyone has got their own preference, don't we? :)

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