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Chocolate Ganache Macaron

Decided to try out another macaron recipe, since I had some time yesterday :)

I think I prefer my previous macaron recipe. It was much chewier with a better macaron taste. This macaron is slightly sweeter, I feel. It also tastes a little different from the usual macarons.

However, I find that this macaron is quite fail-proof, so it's totally recommended for beginners! If you accidentally overbake the macs, simply sandwich them with buttercream or ganache, and they would soften overnight in the fridge.

Macaron - Recipe from Joey Foo, Baking's Corner

- 70g Super-Fine Ground Almond
- 80g Icing Sugar

- 60g Egg White (Around 2 whites, at room temperature)
- 80g Icing sugar

1.Sieve ground almond and icing sugar in (A) together. Set aside. *If you are not using super fine ground almonds, place the ground almond together with icing sugar in a blender and give it some blitz.

2. In another bowl, beat egg whites until foamy (like bubble bath). Sieve icing sugar, and add in 3 batches with the mixer on medium speed. When all of the icing sugar has been added, turn mixer to high speed and beat till stiff peak. (The mixture will be thick, glossy and peaks will stay straight not droopy)

3. Sieve again ground almond mixture from Step 1 (to ensure no lumps) into the egg white mixture in two batches. Fold mixture well with a rubber spatula (I fold around 50-55 counts). Add color desired. Batter is ready when you lift up the spatula, and it falls back into the bowl around 20 secs, and has this nice "V" shape from the spatula.

4. Add batter into piping bag with tip (0.5-1cm). Pipe small circles on normal baking paper. After you are done piping, take the tray and bang on your counter top 5 - 10 times, rotating on each side. Use a toothpick to poke out air bubbles.

5.  Dry macarons for around 30 mins. I did it in normal room temperature. You will be able to see that the shells turn matte, and not tacky to touch.

6.  Bake in preheated oven on the lowest rack at 140C (I used an oven thermometer, temperature is controlled between 120-130C instead) for 15-18mins. I've used top and bottom heat. To prevent browning, you can place an empty baking pan at the top rack. Feet will appear around 3-4 mins.

7.  To test if macaron shells are ready, tap lightly on the shell. It should feel firm to touch. Try to peel the macaron shell from the baking paper. If it sticks slightly, put it back into the oven for a while longer.

8.  Cool on cooling rack with baking paper. Store when the macaron shells are completely cool. Store in air tight container if you do not intend to fill immediately.

Chocolate Ganache Filling
- 200g dark chocolate (try to use a good quality one)
- 80-100g whipping cream (dairy, with minimum 35% fats)

1.  Combine the chocolate and whipping cream on double boiler on gentle heat.

2.  Leave to cool. Stir regularly till it thickens in consistency. You might want to leave the ganache overnight too.

3.  Fill ganache in piping bag. Snip off end of piping bag (not too high up) and pipe ganache on macaron shells.

4.  Store in refrigerator till serving time.

*You might also want to infuse the whipping cream with lemon zest, orange zest, earl grey tea leaves by steeping them in the whipping cream over double boiler. Strain mixture and add in chocolate. Combine well.  


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