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Updates (And a Batman Fondant Cake!)

Well, the past week had been difficult.

The little one has fallen sick (again?!) - with fever, cough and runny nose - and so the responsibility fell upon me to take care of her (again?!).

Sometimes I do wonder about the social stigma of daddies going out to work, and well, mummies take care of the sick little ones. I do, however, appreciate it if management and bosses understand and see that babies and tots do fall sick for like a week.

And what happens if I am working? I probably will run out of annual leave, and my boss is probably not going to be happy that I am frequently absent from work. And I will be guilt-stricken!

So I am a little thankful that I do not hold a full time job, and has the luxury of doing stuff that I enjoy now.

However, that also means that creating and making cakes = do not disappoint your clients.

I was crying almost the entire day, while trying to decorate a fondant cake, make muffins and struggle to start on a rainbow cake.

Batman themed fondant cake: 8 inch vanilla cake with dark chocolate ganache.
(Sorry for the poor resolution. In my rush, I have once again forgot to adjust my camera's settings!)

Into the cake box before delivery.

I woke up at 5am to start on the decorations. However, the little one decided to wake at 6am -_-

Being sick means she's like glued on to my boobs, latching on for comfort very frequently. The hubby did not ask, and decided to head out to work on his own.

I was on the brink of breaking down, and knew I could not finish the cake on time. So, I had to text the hubby in between tears and asking myself WHY!!!

The hubby eventually realised his mistake and headed home (probably to the wrath of his manager) to help me out. However, he also drove me to (another) brink of breakdown again, by messing up the kitchen, and decided to soak the rice + veggies together for porridge.

I had to then spend time clearing up the kitchen, and was very frustrated, while the little one cried for attention.

OH WELL. Thanks for reading this much, and not closing the window yet lol.

This is a real story of motherhood. As I struggle with the little one being unwell (very real as she's transiting to play group, meaning more kids and more viruses), I had to reply emails / make cakes / make sketches, and at the same time, maybe handle judgements from friends.

Motherhood is a choice I make, and regrettably, had me cutting down time with friends. Because my little one does not know how to express herself properly, and I might be the only one who understands her. And she being a little one on earth, builds her ENTIRE world around me.

This is the reason I had to be there for her - almost all the time - and a conscious choice I make. Even during the time when I am making cakes, she sees me too.

So, I am especially thankful towards 2 of my girl friends who were scheduled for a high tea session with me at my home, however, had to be cancelled a few days prior to it, because the little one had fever :(

I suppose I need to blog about things I never discovered until I become a mum. Haha!

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