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Cake toppers initially started off appearing in weddings. And oh do we love unique cake toppers that tell of the couple's love story! :)

Gradually, cake toppers seem to appear in different occasions, for example during birthday celebrations.

I made the above cake for my friend's daughter's birthday. I am so happy with this Baymax fondant figure, sitting on the cake! It just looked so cute! I added flowers so that it looks more girlish.

And well, I didn't have a wedding cake because we wanted a simple celebration, and right now I am sort of regretting that decision haha!

So I am glad that I have started to make cakes, and I really hope to be able to fulfill a wedding cake order some time in future - let's just say I want to fulfill a wish of my own :p

And now I do search the web for nice cake designs and cake toppers. Here are some:

Sports Themed Cake: Tea Party Cakes

Lost & Found Cake: Sharon Wee

Wedding Cake: Sharon Wee

Noah's Ark Cake: White Creme Cake

Other than fondant figures, there also seems to be having this growing trend of placing toys or ornament figures as cake toppers!

Customised Wedding Cake Topper: Lollipopworkshop on Etsy

Customised Wedding Cake Topper: Lollipopworkshop on Etsy

 And this is the 2-tiered cake I've made recently. My client got the barnyard themed toys as toppers!

And here are some cute hand-made and hand painted ornaments from Patience Brewster:

So while searching for your perfect cake topper, be creative! And do you know that while ornamental figures are great keepsakes after your event, fondant toppers can also be stored as keepsakes! Check with your baker on how to do it :)

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. All views expressed are of my own.

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