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Cara Cara Soft Orange Bread

I am so sorry that my life revolves around cake, fondant, chiffon cakes, bread, dinners and toddler matters haha!!

After becoming a mum, I no longer have the luxury (of time) to go for extended shopping sessions, hair sessions, movies or high tea.

However, I love being a mum. My child's world revolves around me, so it's my duty and responsibility to be there when she needs me. Besides, it's the best feeling in the world when your toddler says "bao bao" (hug) and then gives you a tight hug! :)

A few days back, I saw these Cara Cara navel oranges in a bag, and I thought they looked really good. However, the little one is down with fever and cough, so I wouldn't be able to give her the fresh orange juice. So, used 2 of the oranges to make this loaf of soft bread! 

Cara Cara Soft Orange Bread
(Recipe by Josephine Wong-Chan on Panasonic Bread Maker Group's Facebook Page)

- 250g bread flour
- 30g cake flour *I replaced with plain flour
- 10g salted butter
- 2 tbsp molasses sugar *I used muscovado sugar instead
- 1 tbsp full cream milk powder *I omitted
- 1 tsp sea salt
- 160ml Cara Cara orange juice
- 40ml chilled milk
- Raisins
- 1.5 tsp yeast

1.  Place all ingredients except yeast into the bread pan; yeast into dispenser.

2.  Select Menu, press start.

* I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Rapid Bread Mode (Menu 2), Light Crust.

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