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5 Things I Didn't Know Until I Become a Mum

Yay! The little munchkin turned 18 months earlier this month! I am looking forward to her 2nd birthday!

It's only recently that I realised, hey, there are just so many, many stuff that I wouldn't have known (maybe about myself) until I become a mum.

Her 1st birthday celebration

1.  You Need Caffeine to Get Through the Day
For me, it's almost an equation of coffee = remain sane. I hardly sleep through the night because the little one would wake several times at night for comfort latch as well as when she's hungry.

 Source: Google Images

I cannot remember when was the last time I had a full 8 hours sleep. And while I don't sleep through the night, most of the times, I go to bed around 11pm and had to wake around 6am. So, you figure out why I can be angsty at times. Oppps, hahaha.

2.  You Don't Mind Wiping Mucus and Having Phlegm on Your Hair and Shoulders
Well, this is true.. Maybe add poop on your hands too, lol.

The little one recently recovered from a common flu, and had a really terrible cough. She had those really huge and thick plop of phlegm, which made her wake in her sleep and cry. I would often try to let her cough out, by carrying her slightly higher on my shoulders and pat her back gently in an upwards motion. It's pretty effective, though I get some of the yucky stuff on my hair and t-shirt.

Comparing a sick child, feeling discomfort, that's when you know you really don't mind these yucky stuff on you.

3.  You Can Cook!
I can cook prior to having my child, but just simple dishes, following recipes. Now, I just go by estimation for dishes and soup, and my proudest dish is the sesame oil chicken, which I just modify and anyhow add the seasoning lol.

Hubby loves that!

4. You Can Be Strong, Yet Weak at the Same Time
Motherhood means I go through several emotions all at one time.

How, I really don't know. I am still wondering if I am having hormones all haywire, since my pregnancy days lol. Or perhaps it's the lack of sleep.

 "Mama, yogurt is yummy, but I also enjoy throwing it down on the floor." LOL.

I can find myself happy this moment, then totally lashed out at the hubby just because there are dirty dishes placed in the sink (I try to place the plates and bowls on the counter). Or I can be taking care of my sick little one while I am sick myself, and then cry together with her.

5.  God's Love is THIS Big
While I knew God's love is really deep and wide, I can relate to it better now that I am a parent myself (which really leaves me with a big WOW).

I don't know how or why, but love just flows out so naturally each time I look at my child. And then I knew, God would love us even more! And for that, I am really so thankful for His love, for I am just but a normal human being, prone to errors and sins.

How about yours? What have you discovered while becoming a parent? :)

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