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Soft Wholemeal Bread

Been down with the terrible viral sinus infection last week, and I tried to "force" myself to get well by doing some of my routine tasks - including some quick cleaning and making breakfast.

Tried out this recipe, from an e-book I downloaded somewhere. Opps. If you know the author or book name, please kindly let me know.

Soft Wholemeal Bread
- 150g bread flour
- 100g wholemeal flour
- 4g salt
- 3g yeast
- 10g sugar
- 20g butter
- 10g cold milk
- 180ml cold water

1.  Place all ingredients into bread pan; yeast into yeast compartment.

2.  Select Menu and Crust. Press Start.

*I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Menu 2 Rapid Bread Mode. You can select Soft Bread Mode or Wholemeal Bread Mode for softer bread.

*3g of yeast is about 1 tsp. However, I find that by using the pink tsp measurement by Panasonic, 3g works best by us using 1 + slightly 1/4 tsp of the pink measurement tool.

It's so soft!

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