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Our Home! :)

It has been almost half a year at our home!

We've shifted in just after Christmas last year. Handling the renovations was really a headache! Choosing your ID or vendors is just so important.

Both the hubby and I chose this carpentry company, which also provides ID as "value added service". However, they gave us so much headache that I can no longer consider that as a value added service.

Imagine both of us had had sleepless nights, worrying and fearing about mistakes that cannot be undone?

One of our neighbours also had engaged the same company, and (very unfortunately) has gotten the same designer. Her house was done before us, and we were quite shocked because they had installations done at the wrong place, wrong measurement for the carpentry etc.

Now her husband need to watch his soccer on tv with exposed wires.

And then, while the designer is majorly slow in response when things goes wrong; contacting the boss is also the same, unless I threaten to say I will post in social media. And the 2nd time I mentioned that (because we were so desperate to get their response), the boss said I can say whatever I want, but if they found that it's groundless accusations, they will take action, ie to sue me.


The boss can also mention that if the designer is willing to make rectifications, then why are we not happy. HELLO! I am not happy because if things can be done correctly in the first place, why not?!

Living + Dining Area

During our move-in

We were quite thankful that our house came with flooring, doors, air con and a done up kitchen. Most of our furniture were gotten through Tao Bao, which is much cheaper compared to local items.

With the little one's play-yard in. And we were waiting for our dining table to ship from China then lol.

With the dining table! It was customized with a smaller size,
compared to most dining sets in Singapore.

Sofa was bought during some home fair at the expo. $9000+ from Barang Barang. Such a great deal! Because the sofa is so soft that I can sleep comfortably on it! Cushions from Tao Bao.


Blinds and lights from Tao Bao.

Our room! Yet to install the blinds then. Bedsheet also from Tao Bao lol!


There is no service yard for us because we've bought 3room. Service yard is available for 5 rooms only, I think. It's very small, but workable for me :) This was during the move-in, and cleaning everything in there.

Unfortunately, the counter had such a material which is very prone to staining :(

This was what the developer had done for us. While we realised we needed more "storage" space for dishes and cutlery, the hubby decided to get a metal rack for me from Tao Bao.

Tadah! He installed it on his own, while we checked with our neighbours on tips how to drill on the tiles.

Bowls and plates that we've bought from Tao Bao, which I really love!

 We decided to do our own artificial grass turf to save money :x I didn't think it was possible until the hubby did it.

Our outdoor furniture is also from Tao Bao :) Outdoor blinds by local vendor.

As you can see, I really love our view!

And as what my friend had said, the house won't be complete until 1 or 2 years later (until you've loaded the house with all the stuff that you really want). Haha!


  1. Awww sorry to hear about ur bad experience! Nice place though! xo

    1. Ya man.. It's really horrific :p Thanks!