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Updates + Mum's Day Cupcakes for Sale!

Finally a more relaxing pace today! :)

The hubby jokingly mentioned that I seem to be busier than being in full-time employment these days. Haha! However, I am feeling thankful to friends who keep me in mind during their celebration days.

Made this Baymax rainbow cake within 1 week's notification and confirmation. Haha, thankfully Baymax is not that difficult to make.

I proposed a white frosted rainbow cake, but my friend preferred something colored, so we came up with this pink-tinted frosted rainbow cake!

A 5-inch, 5-layered rainbow butter cake with lychee SMBC. I frosted it rustic to give some textures. Sorry if I made Baymax a little more girly with the flowers! :p

Also made a batch of Mother's Day cupcakes as samples. It's quite tiring to bake the cupcakes, do fondant toppers, frosting, while making sure dinner is prepared and picked up the LO from the infant care centre. I absolutely salute the full time working mums, to handle the rushing to and fro!

These cupcakes are made with lychee rose butter-based cake + lychee rose SMBC! We are also offering Hokkaido chiffon cupcake base for those who prefer spongy cakes!

If you would like to order the Mother's Day cupcakes (while appreciating mums are not only on this day! :p), please click here.

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