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SMBC Chocolate Fudge Cake

I had been procrastinating for the longest time to start baking and taking photos for my cake portfolio.

Though I had been testing out various recipes, sometimes I am just too lazy to frost them the right way for photo taking hee hee.

So I am quite happy with this cake and the pictures! Took the pictures in the morning and had that slice of cake for breakfast haha :p

This is a 6-inch cake, with 3 layers of chocolate fudge cake, smoothed and filled with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.

SMBC my favourite buttercream so far, because it simply tastes so silky and smooth, minus the large amounts of butter and sugar (American buttercream). However, SMBC seems to still be a little "melty" in our hot and humid country, if I were to use butter only. Shortening would be able to stabilize it more, which I usually don't like to use, except if the cake needs to be displayed in parties. 

It's a cake with its texture between dense and rich chocolate cake VS fluffy and light sponge cake. The buttercream tastes like milk chocolate - I suppose is sweet, but not cloyingly sweet :)


I made another 6-inch chocolate fudge cake over the weekend for an order.

A friend of hubby wanted to order for tasting - which surprised me because not many people would actually bother to order a cake to taste :) For that I am thankful!

This time round, I provided a more refreshing option for decorating - fresh, sweet Korean strawberries! I love how when the Korean strawberries are in season. Hehe.

(Speaking of this, how I miss the Kyoho grapes!)

We are able to provide customization for the decorating part. To place order for cakes, simply email us at

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