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I wrote this post yesterday, the passing of  our very First Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The man who has brought Singapore into an independent nation; the man with great foresight and strong belief that Singapore will make it.

I have to admit that I hardly knew what Mr LKY is like, as a person, other than knowing him for his iron-fisted tactics to govern this country. It's only recently where I chanced upon articles after articles, did I realise there's also a soft side to this "ruthless" leader who always "spoke his mind".

He has made ordinary people like us believe that dreams are worth chasing after because they do come true. May you RIP and be reunited with your beloved wife. Thanks for making a difference in every Singaporean's life.

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For the past 2 weeks, I have been considering and re-evaluating our decision to place the little one into infant care centre.

I have to admit that there are pros and cons in enrolling her into the infant care centre. Within the first week, we saw that she knew how to blow flying kisses! She also became more interactive, and her food strike days are no more!

We were really amazed at how peer pressure and school environment work.

However, there were also stuff that happened, which made us think twice - I am not going to elaborate here because it's quite lengthy.

And truth be told, I am also tired and wary from judgmental mums who feel that I am just being too paranoid and protective over my child.

So she was sick the other week  - for an entire week! I was busy sponging her and taking her temperature :(

It was also difficult to get medicine into her. I had to do coaxing, playing with a spare syringe, and then placing the syringe gently on her lips and dispense the medicine over 3 times haha.

Yogurt and bread for breakfast! She loves dipping her bread into the yogurt lol. I sweetened the natural yogurt with honey & some orange juice.

We discovered that she likes to put the pacifier into her mouth - and that's it! She doesn't suck on it for comfort. Just put into her mouth lol. Probably trained by her teachers.

Yogurt on another day.

While lazing in bed, and me in my auntie state hahaha!!

1.  She knows how to say "bye bye", "bear", "baby", "car", "tu tu" (her pacifier, which I was wondering who taught her haha)!

2.  She knows how to stop undesirable behaviour when we repeat "No".

3.  She knows how to pop the pacifier in one go correctly into her mouth.

4.  She can self feed rather well, occasionally scooping food on her own.

She knows how to walk on her own, however probably doesn't have much confidence to do it on her own outside yet (yes she only walks short distances at home handsfree from us haha). So I recently removed the play yard panels so she has no excuse to hold on to the play yard lol!

Our new found space at home! :p

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