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Pumpkin Toast

It has been quite a rough week :(

Work, home chores, and baby's down with fever the past week. The fever had subsided but she's having bad tummy - which we are not sure if that warrants a visit to the PD.

Oh well, I guess this is part of parenting haha!

Made her some pumpkin toast - so it's easy on her tum tum. I didn't follow the steps in the recipe, just made the loaf in the bread machine. The texture of the bread is a little denser than usual, so I probably want to just knead the dough in the machine, and proof and bake separately :)

Oh, and I find this loaf a little on the sweet side, I might cut the sugar to 15 or 20g next time!

Pumpkin Toast (Recipe Adapted from Butter.Flour&Me)
- 80g milk
- 120g mashed pumpkin
- 30g sugar (Original was 50g)
- 1g salt
- 300g bread flour
- 30g butter
- 1 tsp yeast
- Chopped raisins (Slightly more than a handful; add more if you like)

1. Place ingredients into bread pan accordingly.
2. Select menu and start bread machine. 

*I am using Panasonic bread maker which allows me to place the yeast separately. Else, do place the salt and sugar on separate corners; dig a well in the middle to place the salt. I also added the chopped raisins at a later stage, as my bread maker is able to prompt me to add in nuts & raisins.

*For a softer loaf, please visit Butter Flour & Me's site for full method.

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