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My First Fondant Cake

I've finally made a fondant cake!! :)

Pardon me, but I have been lamenting about how I probably would not be able to deliver the cake. Thoughts of me being a mean aunty, ruining a baby boy's first birthday with a bad cake, is a real cake mare for me.

My friend contacted me about a week's time to the celebration. I was trying to "escape" from this order by showing her one of my friend's work, hoping that they might want to engage their service. But alas! Somehow I just got the order :)

Thankfully I bought most of the fondant tools a couple of weeks ago, so I didn't need to waste time to buy those.

To be honest, the cake is not perfect, though my friends didn't think anything is wrong with it. I also received quite a bit of compliments from her guests :) I was really happy! I thought I'd spoilt the celebration with this cake hahaha!

One of her guests was very nice, asking me: so are you going to start a business to do cakes?


Into the cake box

Oreo cupcakes with toppers provided by the parents. The cupcakes were a hit with the kids!

Overall I have learnt a great deal by making this fondant cake self-learnt hahaha :) I super love the dinosaur fondant toppers that I made! But I could have done better for the cake itself.

I kind of like doing fondant cakes, but the time away from my little one made me feel just so guilty. Sigh.

Anyway, if you would wish to make any cake order, drop us an email; or drop by our Facebook here!

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