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First Mums and Dads Congress - FMDC 2015

Do you know of Abbott's First Mums' & Dads' Congress? It's their 10th anniversary edition this year!

Well, I have been hearing their blurbs on radio, and the program sounds really interesting and informative! It basically covers your pregnancy, to confinement & newborn, to baby milestones!

So I was really excited when Mervyn contacted me for this campaign :)

Especially if you're a first time parent, join more than 9,000 parents in Singapore who started their parenting journey with FMDC! Look forward to equipping yourself with must-know information on providing yourself and your little one with the best care possible!

You will be able to learn useful tips from healthcare experts at Thomson Medical Centre (can I say again, I love TMC!) on topics like "Top 10 Questions about Labour", "Pregnancy Nutrition Dos and Don'ts", and more. There will also be live demos on how to massage and soothe your crying baby.

Participants will also receive exclusive Jubilee Gift as part of the SG50 celebration. You can also get a sure-win prize from the Jubilee Spin Wheel!

Program includes:
1.  Pregnancy & Delivery - Dr Adrian Tan (ACJ Women's Clinic Pte Ltd)
2.  Baby Developmental Milestones During the First Year - Dr Eugene Han (Thomson Paediatric Centre)
3.  Live Demos: Soothing a crying baby, Breastfeeding positions, Baby massage - Mrs Wong Boh Boi (Thomson ParentCraft Centre)
4.  Do's and Don't of Pregnancy Nutrition - Ms Anna Jacob (Abbott Nutrition International)
5.  Confinement Practices for Singapore Mums - Ms Seah Ai Wei (Thomson Chinese Medicine)


Where It's At: Raffles City Convention Centre, Fairmont Ballroom Level 4
When: 15 March 2015, Sunday (12-5pm)
Admission: S$20 per person / S$10 per person for Abbott Family & Thomson Medical Centre members.


There is really no such thing as reading up too much on parenting and baby care. Make sure you are not like me - skipping my classes previously so much that I had to replay the baby care and breastfeeding video for 2 days during my awake hours at TMC after my delivery - just to make sure I can take care of my baby then lol.

And now, you can get to win tickets to this Congress! Simply share what you look forward to the most as being a parent! Leave your name & email address as well for me to get in touch with you. You will need to provide your name, IC num and mobile num.

You may also take part in Abbott's "How I announced my pregnancy" Photo App to get immediate 50% discount off the tickets!

 Enjoy and have fun!

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