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5 Star Soft White Bread (Bread Machine)

EDITED: See my updated photos of the bread here :)

I was browsing around for bread recipes (as always haha) because most of the time the little one is having bread for breakfast. So I wanted to try out different flavors or textures for variation.

I came across recipe by this Japanese author, 荻山和也. I wanted to try out at least one recipe before buying his book hehe :)

The bread looks a little out of shape, probably because it's really soft! I super love this texture over the Wu Pao Chun's milk loaf. Not too rich or dense, and super soft!

I am surprised that even selecting Rapid Bread mode, this loaf came out so soft!

五星級濃郁吐司 - Recipe adapted from 荻山和也×麵包機魔法60變
-  230g bread flour
- 25g butter
- 25g sugar
- 3g salt
- 3g yeast
- 25g egg, beaten
- 125g cold water

1.  Place ingredients into bread pan.
2.  Select menu on your bread machine. Press start.
3.  Remove once done and let cool on cooling rack.

*I used salted butter because I had that in my fridge, so I omitted the salt. I also cut the sugar to 20g.

*This recipe was first made in March 2015. I am using Panasonic SD-P104, Menu 2 for Rapid Bread, Light Crust. Takes about 2 hours to complete.


  1. thanks for sharing, i tried making this bread with my panasonic BM, and fell in love with this recipe. Its my to-go recipe from now onward, and totally agree, its 5 star, and way better than wu pao chun bread....have u tried the other recipes in that book, yet?

    1. Hi Lyndsey, thanks for sharing that! :) I got a newer book that he published, and tried some of the recipes. But strangely none could be compared to this recipe!! Lol. Which is why I have not shared other of his recipes yet.

  2. thanks for the info. is that book u enlisted -荻山和也×麵包機魔法60變 a good one to buy?
    i saw another famous blogger book at Popular bookstore, recipe book for bread machine,
    u can check it out...

    1. Yup that's the book. I find it ok - the recipes were like normal, but he has shown quite a lot of different patterns of shaping the bread, which is quite interesting.

      Thanks for suggesting! I also have Carol's book *sheepish smile* lol. I find the recipes in both books quite comparable, but 荻山和也 has more interesting flavor combinations.

  3. ok noted, in that case i won't buy the book, besides its an old book, out of stock. Thanks for the info !! Do keep more new bread machine recipes coming in :)

    1. Ok! Thanks Lyndsey! Will try to post more of the bread recipes that I've tried! :)

  4. Thanks for the recipe. Love it !
    Just wondering if dry ingredients put first per Panasonic sd104? I put wet ingredients first. What is the difference? Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi! I am terribly sorry for the late reply!

      I find that there is no difference for me though.

  5. Hi Cherie, if I only want to knead the dough n bake in oven, I select mode 9 rite? But the kneading time is ard 30mins, do u think the it's enough?

    1. Hi Marie, thanks for dropping by! Yes that's mode 9 to knead + proof first time in the bread machine. After the first proof, the machine will beep. You just remove the dough, roll into 1 ball, let rest for 10 mins. After that, punch out the air and roll into a longish shape, swiss roll it up. Place into baking tin. Proof again for 1 hour.

      I usually do it this way and find the bread texture satisfactory :) You can also check out this page for details: