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Wu Pao-Chun Champion Toast

The baby goes to the infant care centre this week, and I feel my heart break almost every morning that we've been sending her.

I never quite knew that I would be THIS mum now - the past me is always strong and focused on work. Even while baking just a few weeks ago, I thought I was quite convinced that the house would never be able to contain me lol.

It's quite a dilemma for me. While I hope to be able to contribute economically to the household, and for someone to take care of baby while I do some freelance work or baking work, yet I yearn to have my baby near me every now and then.

Now, returning to a home with no crying baby just feels weird. Hmm...

I think I'll get used to it :)

And so, a few days back, I made a loaf of bread for baby's breakfast at the infant care centre. Been meaning to try this famous Wu Pao-Chun champion milk loaf for a while :)

I've chosen Rapid Bread mode, medium crust, on my Panasonic bread maker. It takes about 2 hours in all to make 1 loaf of bread. I am quite happy that this recipe yielded a soft bread, given that it's made from direct method!

Wu Pao-Chun Champion Toast (Recipe adapted from Baking Tai Tai)

- 198g Fresh milk
- 300g Bread flour
- 24g sugar *I replaced with 20g demerara sugar for baby
- 1 tsp Salt (about 3g)
- 1 tsp Instant dry yeast (about 3g)
- 14g Unsalted butter 

1. Place all ingredients into the bread machine's pan.

2. Make selection for the program, loaf size and crust colour on your breadmaker. (I chose Menu 2 on my Panasonic bread machine - SD-P104 - Rapid Bread mode, Medium Crust. It takes about 2 hours to complete. For a softer bread that stays for a couple of days, choose Menu 1)

3. Remove bread from machine immediately once cycle completes. Let cool before slicing. Store in airtight container or ziplock bag. Alternatively, you can freeze the slices which you think you might not be able to finish.

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