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Pork Floss Mini Spring Rolls

Yes I know it's already the Chinese New Year. But I love these pork floss mini spring roll so much that I had to make them on CNY Day 1 even though my back is breaking haha!

I vaguely remember making these when I was a child, so I tried to do it based on memory :p

These mini spring rolls are one of the crispiest snacks for Chinese New Year. Just love the crispiness! I love both the spicy dried shrimp ones and pork floss ones. I made pork floss because it's the easier choice! I don't know where to get good hae bee hiam, and I think it's too troublesome to make ourselves.

To make this snack a little lighter on the tummy, I decided to bake them.

Pork Floss Mini Spring Rolls
- Frozen spring roll skin (smallest package)
- Pork floss
- Beaten egg
- Cooking oil

1.  Cut the spring roll skin into 4.
2.  Take a small portion of the spring roll skin, set aside remaining into a bowl. Cover with damp cloth. *I used cling wrap
3.  "Tear" out the skin layer by layer (from the small portion of spring roll skin you have taken earlier), and place on a plate.
4.  Position the spring roll skin like a diamond and place 1/2 tsp of pork floss in the centre.
5.  Fold up the corner nearest to you, then fold in the 2 sides, roll up tightly.
6.  Seal the edges with egg wash. *I used a chopstick to dab so it's easier.
7.  Place all mini spring roll onto baking pan. Brush with some cooking oil. Bake at preheated oven 160Cfor about 15-20 mins.
8.  Cool completely and store into airtight container.

It's actually quite easy and I spent 2 hours each in 2 days and made a container :) Better than the oily ones sold outside, which can be quite expensive as well during the festive season.

So if you still crave for this snack, make them today!

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