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Our Staycation - Marina Mandarin Hotel

We are finally moving into our own house - TODAY! :)

Since we didn't apply for the internet to be up earlier, we had to wait till Jan 5 for installation. So I would probably not update the blog till a little while later.

I am sorry that I might not have replied to some of your emails (my email is piling up!) because I had been very busy with the reno works. It was a huge headache and I am glad things are finishing up. Please give me some time to get back to you. Thanks much for your patience!

And, I've finally done up my Facebook page - Petite Joy Bakes - to sell some baked goods. And in reflecting practical Christian love, we will also be donating 10% of our sale proceeds to Arc Children's Centre via SG Gives. (P.S.: We are not affiliated to Arc Children's Centre in any way :))

So come on over and like our page for more updates! The page might look quite empty because it's still work-in-progress.


Went for a staycation earlier this December because I wanted to see if we can manage an overseas holiday. Hmm, so the conclusion is - we may be better staying in Singapore. Hahaha!

On the first day of our stay, we didn't do much except run errands around the area. Oh, and we were really happy to find that Marina Mandarin Hotel does provide loan baby bath tubs.They told us ours is the last set :p

Baby snoozed so well there! We wondered is it the bed or the air con haha!

#truestory of co-sleeping :p

Breakfast was at AquaMarine. I love the attentive servers and manager on Sunday. Mon's staff seems a little too busy and short handed. On the overall, the quality of food is nice, except that there's not much selection.

So nice of them to provide kids cutlery. Baby had a fun time playing with it! Haha :)

Baby's first pool experience!

I quite enjoy this staycation, probably because the staff are so polite and helpful. It gave me a refreshing break from my bad contractor (arghs)! Just as I lamented that there is no good service in Singapore, Marina Mandarin changed my mind.

And just so, we might be back again! :)

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