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Osmanthus Snowskin Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is here!

I used to look forward to the mid-autumn festival every year, especially the mooncake fair! Haha. I just have to give in to mooncakes, even though I am quite health conscious. It's like a childhood treat that you can never forget about :)

I have been looking for recipes that do not include the usage of shortening for snowskin mooncakes, because shortening is, well, one of the worst things we could ever use in baking. BUT! I tried a recipe that steamed a batter made from various flours and oil together, however, it just doesn't seem to keep well.

So I am back to the old method again! I am just comforting myself that it's a once a year thing, and well, let me practise more on my baked mooncakes for a healthier change next year heeheehee.

Sorry I didn't have time to do any styling for these mooncakes. I was a little tired from taking care of baby, cooking her breakfast and lunch, and settling our own lunch, and makes these little moonies :)

I had wanted to make another batch of mooncakes for the styling, but I was just not confident that I can do it in time haha!

I bought these interchangeable plates for mooncake mold 2 years ago. And my favourite is this Hello Kitty print - I think I've been using this most of the time.

I was testing out the colors (yes I used food coloring), hence the weird combination. I sort of forgot how to do the swirl-in mix of colors, so I had to keep practising and some of the mooncakes just look weird lol.

My mil got this recipe from the baking supplies shop that we went to, I was apprehensive in trying out because it uses more shortening than my usual recipe. But well! It kept the snowskin dough really soft! 

Osmanthus Snowskin Mooncakes 
(Makes 20 small snowskin mooncakes or 9 large ones)

- 150g kao fen (fried glutinous rice flour)
- 200g icing sugar
- 65g shortening
- 150g cold drinking water (I replaced this with osmanthus infused water, left to cooled and chilled)

- Rolled osmanthus lotus paste fillings

1.  Sift flour and icing sugar.

2.  Rub in shortening. You would be able to see that the flour becomes coarse crumbs.

3.  Add in water slowly. Mix well until it forms soft dough. I added the water in about 3 additions. Need to be careful while adding so that the dough doesn't get too wet. I also added in some dried osmanthus flower.

4.  Set dough aside for about 20 mins.

5.  Divide dough into small portions of 30g each. (This might also depends on your mold. I am using 20g skin 40g filling. But you need to be very careful because the skin is very thin based on this proportion).

6.  Flatten dough with a rolling pin to a round shape. Put the filling in the middle of the dough. Wrap up to a round shape.

7.  Seal dough completely. Sprinkle some kao fen on the dough before molding.

* This recipes makes dough enough for small mooncakes (30g snowskin, 60g filling) or large mooncakes (60g snowskin, 120g filling)

I also made a variation of the snowskin mooncakes, by using the white peach lotus paste filling. I used chopped cranberries in the snowskin for a change ;) Simply chop dried cranberries, place some into a ball of dough, roll the dough to make sure you mix in the dried cranberries well.

Oppps, my hello kitty is disfigured. Haha!

* If you don't like the taste of kao fen, boil some water with pandan leaves in it. Leave to cool and chill in the fridge. 
* I usually put cling wrap on the table top, so it's easy to work and clean up :)
* I like to keep some water on the table top. So when the snowskin dough dries a little, I will just dab some water and pat it onto the dough to moisten it a little.
* Do sprinkle only the mooncake with flour - too much flour on the mold will "trap" flour on the mooncake when you take it out from the mold.

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