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Following my Top 5 Weaning Products post, I am writing about baby weaning now!

Had been wanting to blog about this, but I just didn't have time. I might have forgotten most of the details and how I felt when I first see my baby eat food :( Reminds me that I should blog about her development each month. Hee hee.

Her first food: pumpkin puree

When to Start: This depends on individual baby's cue. Your baby should be able to sit up straight without help; head should not be wobbly anymore. He/she would also express interest in food while the adults eat.

I intended to start weaning when baby was around 5 months 2 weeks (in case she can't really swallow), because I believe in exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months. However she fell ill that particular weekend, so I had to start only around 6 months. Thankfully she takes to food quite well!

How to Start: Most resources that I've read through encourage mothers to start weaning using baby cereal first. I can't remember why (hahaha when will my memory power ever return to me ;p), but I start giving baby pumpkin first.

I recently went for a weaning talk, and a doctor from the NUS recommended weaning by introducing food in this manner: baby cereal, vegetables, fruits. That is, start with bland food first.

This is because as baby start to learn to eat, we are training them more on their swallowing skill. Not so much as to "eat" and get nutrients from the food.

What Kind of Baby Cereal: I chose organic baby cereal, because I am trying to stay off those GMO stuff - well, we wouldn't really know what goes into the food these days right? As baby is still developing and is more vulnerable than older children and adults, I choose the safer kind of food - my personal choice :)

I also know of mothers who are not comfortable with commercial baby cereal, so they choose to dry and grind grains on their own. I think it's pretty cool, but I am kind of lazy to do that hee hee.

So far, I have fed baby with 3 kinds of baby cereal - Hipp White Rice Cereal, Happybellies Brown Rice Cereal and lately, Healthy Times Oatmeal Cereal.

To start, it is always better to choose a single grain cereal. I started with white rice cereal because it can be digested easily, compared to brown rice.

After 2 weeks of settling down with white rice, I introduced brown rice cereal to mix with the white rice cereal.

The First Time: You would need to choose a time of the day when baby is not fussy - that is neither tired nor hungry. I start feeding baby near to noon time, a while after her morning nap, and just before her next feed.

Some mothers would feed cereal in the evening. Again, I think it's up to your own comfort level :)

You wouldn't need to feed baby a lot for the first few times. If I remembered correctly, I mixed 3 small spoonfuls of baby cereal with enough milk to make it into a thin (watery) cereal mixture.

We also need to be mentally prepared that baby might not eat at all, or eat a lot for the first few times. As parents, it's good for us to always remain patient and relaxed during meals. It's ok for wastage because ultimately baby still depends on milk for his/her main nutrition.

Have a fun time planning and preparing for your baby's first food! It's really a joy to see our little babies start eating - a major milestone :)

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