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My Top 5 Items for Weaning

The baby has been growing well. I've started weaning since she hits 5 months 3 weeks. I had intended for her to start a little solids when she was 5 months 2 weeks, however, she fell ill then, so I had to postpone it. I suppose 2 weeks would be a good time for babies to grow used to having solids in their diet, since not all babies are welcoming towards solids.

Before I started her weaning food, I was happily and enthusiastically buying stuff to help me with the weaning stage - and I enjoyed the process!

Well, let's just not think about the costs involved hahaha. And I was looking forward to feeding her food, actually!

My Top 5 Weaning Products

1.  Baby Food Processor

Source: BEABA

I bought the Babycook Original earlier this year during the Takashimaya baby fair, because of the raves coming from fellow mummies. However, let's just say that the communications with the local distributor wasn't very pleasant.

Why Do I Like This: This is like all-in-one processor, for me to easily steam and puree food for baby in the beginning. It's convenient, including wash-ups. The texture of the puree is excellent with the sharp blades. It also boasts of a porridge accessory that can cook and blend porridge easily. I bought that accessory, but I prefer a slow cooker. I probably will find the porridge accessory useful when we go travel in future.

I also bought this because of the stylish outlook (hahahaha), and this didn't exactly cost a lot compared to Avent one. If you're like me, wanting a convenient wash-up, you can get this. Else, your regular steamer and food processor would work just as well - no need to buy additional baby food processor.

2.  Feeding Dish

I find this feeding dish effective to mash baby food, after she is used to taking solids. I didn't serve finely blended food for long since I wanted baby to practise chewing skills. It's good enough to produce lumpy textured food.

Why Do I Like This: Not expensive and convenient to use!

3.  Food Storage Containers

Source: Google Pictures

These containers were given to us as gifts during our baby first month celebration. And I am so thankful towards that friend! I find these OXO food storage containers very useful to store baby food for freezing. I can even serve baby her food in these containers, or warm milk in it. Should stock up when there is sale!

Why Do I Like This: Convenient to store and serve in one container. Sturdy enough for daily use as well :)

4. Sippy Cup

I love Munchkin's products! In fact, most of my baby's stuff are from Munchkin. For example spoons, bowls, and snack container. Hee hee hee.

Why Do I Like This: Nice colours! Really, my baby is happy to see the sippy cup. And it has great leak-proof feature, so I can bring it out easily in a zip-lock bag. No hassle!

5.  High Chair

We didn't know which high chair to buy, but from the advice coming from experienced mummies, we reckon we should get a wider base, so it is more stable.

So, the IKEA one is out!

We happened to go for a baby fair and saw the high chair above. We love the colors, and the ease to us, so we bought it! It's slightly below $100 after discount.

Why Do I Like This: This high chair is easy to collapse for keeping, and is easy to use. The tray is big enough as well. It is very stable, able to withstand a kicking baby in it hahaha. Cleaning is easy because the cushion can be wiped using wet cloth. 

Ultimately, using these equipment to assist weaning will depend on your own preferences. What I feel important, is to do more research on these items (if you're intending to purchase them!). Like how they will be able to help you to make the weaning phase more manageable. And look around in baby fairs, you'll be sure to be able to snag some good bargains - it'll be good especially we won't be using these for long!

Have fun, and relax, mommies! :)

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