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Let’s talk about accessories today!

After becoming a mum, I realized the “importance” of staying presentable. Well, of course, the definition of presentable is subjective.

For me, I still hope to put on minimal make-up to look fresh, with well pressed tops, blown dry hair, and NO dark eye circles (concealor to the rescue!). Lol!

One way to look perked up instantly, is to add accessories to our outfit. When I was much younger, I love chunky accessories. Now as I grow older, especially after becoming a mum, I appreciate simple, clean and classy accessories. I don’t fancy much jewellery, strangely, probably those blings don’t really appeal to me. Haha!

Even on my wedding day, I chose to wear only my engagement/wedding ring, my usual cross necklace, a pair of Chomel earrings (no one knew it was from Chomel actually haha), and the diamond studded bracelet from my MIL.

 So I got to know that ZALORA carries a wide range of fashion accessories online that is really my style. What's even better, they carry my favourite Chomel as well!

Being the leading online fashion and beauty retailer, you'll be sure to find an array of accessories that suit different styles (now, we know that we dress according to our mood, isn't it? ;)).

So what are you waiting for? Check out ZALORA now! And for me, if you would excuse me, I'm gonna do my e-shopping at ZALORA now :)

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