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My Birth Story

Having given birth to my baby about 5 months ago, I did not really document the birth story. I was thinking about it for a while, before I decided that I had better not frighten those ladies who have not given birth, or are going to give birth. Hahaha.

Now, as baby grew over the days, I am (still) amazed by her growth, and how she develops her skills. I suppose as much as I want to protect my baby, I would still want to document it down, as a part of our memory :)

I remember very vividly that I went to my gynae (Dr Benjamin Tham from WC Cheng & Associates) the day before my EDD. Even though the mucus plug dropped out that morning, I was not expecting the baby to pop anytime soon then. Probably because I didn't have any contractions yet at that time, and there was no other signs of labour. We arranged for a date for me to be induced, if baby didn't arrive 4 days after my EDD.

So on the following day, around 3am, I suddenly woke up from my dreams about being in Wang Lee Hom's concert (lol!!), with some watery discharge. I knew it was not something usual, and after checking, I realised it was the show.

Since there were slight blood traces in it, my mummy support group was saying that I should go to the hospital immediately. Since it was my first pregnancy, I was still pretty cool about it, wondering if this would be just a false alarm.

I decided to lie back onto my bed, wondering if I should wake my hubby up. Then I start to get more frequent tummy hardening. So I woke the hubby up, and told him I might be in labour, but I was not sure if we should head to Thomson. Hahaha.

We hesitated a while more, until I start to get cramps, then I told him: I think we should just go.

However at the back of my mind, I was still thinking that it might be a false alarm (and even wonder if I should bring my hospital bag hahahaha).

I was quite glad that we made the decision to go to the hospital because by 20 mins later, I was already having contractions.

After lying down for CTG, I realised the (quite unfriendly and unhelpful) staff was already doing the admission procedure. Then reality started to hit me, and I really wondered if I am going to give birth then. Because the birth process was still quite horrifying for me at that time.

At the same time, my gynae, Dr Tham, happened to be in the hospital doing a delivery. So he popped by and see how I was doing. The first thing he asked: "what happened?". Hahahaha.

By 7 or 8 am, I was already having quite close contractions (about the range of 80). I was quite surprised that I could still walk from the ward to observation ward on my own despite the pain.

 Dr Tham came back to check, and decided to poke my waterbag to make the labour process quicker. And then I heard him say "meconium" to the nurses. Strangely, I was quite calm.

When contractions hit the range of 100+, within span of 2 - 3 mins, I was already clutching the sides of my bed and turning my head on the pillow frantically. By 9am, I requested for epidural when I was about 3cm dilated.

While waiting for the doctor to come and administer the epidural, I cannot tahan anymore and requested for laughing gas, which unfortunately didn't help. Hahahaha.

And while I was still pregnant, I was quite afraid of the thick needle for the epidural, but what my friend mentioned is true: by then we would be in such pain that epidural feels like nothing.

Since I didn't eat anything the entire day, my gynae gave the green light for me to take some snack before pushing (but unfortunately made me puked like crazy, as one of the side effects).

 Okay, actually I ate 2 slices of the sandwich before I took the picture lol.

I was feeling thankful for the Milo and tapioca chips, compared to the egg mayo sandwich hahaha. The epidural was amazing, I couldn't feel pain anymore after it's being administered.

See, I was watching tv, and stoning while eating the sandwich hahaha!

I drifted in and out of sleep, but it felt really uncomfy for some reason. I remembered baby had pooped inside, and I was a little worried about it.

The nurses were also monitoring the baby's heartbeat, till a point where they probably think baby might not be getting enough oxygen, so I was being put on the oxygen tube. At the same time, because I was positive in Group B Strep, I was put on a drip for the antibodies. All these were making me quite uncomfortable, but strangely I pushed on - must be the mother instinct.

When it was finally time to push, I had to admit that I really did not know how to - this is my first time! And I got "scolded" by the nurses there. I tried my best to push, but I can't really feel the contractions, so I did not know how and when to push.

Later on, Dr Tham came back to the delivery ward. Thank God he came, because baby's heartbeat had dropped to 60+ (she was in distress then), and he needed to deliver the baby straightaway. He suspected that the umbilical cord was around baby's neck (which was right!).

Together with the vacuum, baby came out really quick. I started pushing only at 4pm, and baby was out around 4.40pm.

This was the time when I first met my baby. I thought I would be in tears, but no. I think I was too shocked, because my gynae's action was so swift. I was not prepared to see the baby on my tummy yet hahaha.

 Hello baby! :)

I seriously cannot remember that I took this picture hahaha.

I was so thankful to my gynae, for his incessant nagging during my pregnancy days to not put on too much weight because the weight would also go to the baby. Baby En Qi was born at 2.7kg, which was good. Because of her birth position, if she were heavier, my wound would be worse, and it would be more difficult for her to be out.

It's like when I look back on my pregnancy and birth journey, I realised the goodness of God. Through all the difficult moments (and possibly risky ones), how He had protected us, how He had blessed us - it's all beyond words and thankfulness :)


  1. Amazed that you were able to give birth naturally despite the heartbeat dropping and all... Thank God you delivered your bouncing baby girl safely! God is truly great!

    1. Yes indeed God is great and good all the time :)

  2. I love looking at new born pictures, they are just too beautiful.
    Your BB so cute!