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My Favourite Baby Carriers

I had been wanting to write about my baby stuff, but I prefer to have used them for a while before reviewing them.

First up, the baby carriers!

I guess it is quite important for us to get the baby carriers - for easy transportation, even when the baby is very young. The carriers/stroller I have been using include the Pupsik pouch, Ergo Baby (Organic) with insert, Capella Adonis Stroller. I am quite happy with these purchases, even though it may seem like I have a lot of these stuff.

Baby's Age: 0 month - 3 months old
I used my Pupsik pouch a lot when baby was still small. I still remember the first time I used it was when I went back to my gynae 2 weeks after I gave birth. Baby slept very well in it, which I think might be because it is snug enough for her to think that she is still in my womb. LOL.

I didn't get the looped sling because I wasn't confident in that. 

During our first month celebration - I was still supporting baby's head because
I didn't dare to position her head inside hahaha.

 And when she was slightly bigger.

This may look uncomfortable from the top view, but I think it resembles the position she used to take while she was still in the womb. So she always sleep very soundly in the pouch. Just that I would always check that no excess cloth is blocking her nose, and her neck is at a comfy position.

Good: Very portable for baby's initial stage (ie when they are young), especially for new mums - you can just fold and keep in your bag if you don't need to use it. Same concept as the looped sling, Pupsik pouch is also designed to carry babies through the different stages by carrying the baby in various positions, like front carry and hip carry. 

Bad: You might need to monitor the baby's position to make sure no blockage to breathing, as with most sling carriers.  Oh, and others might have comments that baby's in an awkward position!

Where to Buy in Singapore: Pupsik Studio (online), MotherCare

Baby's Age: 3 months - 5 months old (And Beyond)
I did some research on carriers, and read about the controversy for Baby Bjorn. Ergo Baby seems to be a better and more comfortable choice, so I bought this.

So far, we only started to use the Ergo Baby carrier when baby was about 3 months old. However, the infant insert is required when baby is small in size and weight. It was only until recently (4 months plus) did we remove the insert, and used the carrier as it is.

I also bought the teething pads, which are great to use, especially now baby starts to chew on almost everything haha!

Good: It's very portable. Sometimes when we don't need it, I will just roll it up and stuff into the baby bag lol. It gives baby a comfy fit too (I am quite concerned about the development of hip bone), she doesn't squirm or cry in it. Most of the time she could sleep inside.The material used is soft as well.

Bad: The carrier can still get a little warmish for bigger babies, especially during the hot seasons.

Where to Buy in Singapore: Pupsik Studio (online), Agape Babies (online)

Baby's Age: 0 months - 5 months old
I am really very happy with the purchase of my stroller - Capella Adonis 

Though it does not belong to those high end brands, it is sturdy and stable - very good for infant, and it's quite easy to keep and open up the stroller. This stroller also operate on 4 swivel wheels, which makes traveling quite easy. I have even tried bringing baby out alone using the stroller (had to trouble taxi uncle to help me fold and unfold haha).

Aww... When baby was just 1 month old then :)

When baby was bigger, we had to get her the neck support because she didn't like to sit still on the stroller.

Good: It's very sturdy and stable - which infants really need. It can recline all the way flat, and is still very stable. The price point for this stroller is quite reasonable as well. I got mine at around $300+.

Bad: It can be a little too heavy or bulky for petite mums like me. As I am a little short (hahaha), I sometimes experience problems in folding and unfolding the stroller.

Where to Buy in Singapore: The Baby Studio, Major departmental stores.

Ultimately, I think the choice of carriers would depend on the comfort level of different users. For me, it's the convenience, and whatever that is good for the baby. I would say that, if you're on budget, at least, get a sarong sling and a stroller - the sling can also double up as a nursing shawl, and the stroller helps you to have a good meal without carrying the baby in your arms ;)

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