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Panda Sushi Making Class

On Sunday, I went for a Panda Sushi making class. I was thrilled to hear from Little Miss Bento (Shirley) :)

I have met her as we attended the Panasonic cooking workshop as SBA's Best Cooking Blog finalists last year. I am quite awkwardly shy while attending events alone, but Shirley was very warm and friendly. That's what I remember of her! Haha.

I am also a fan of hers on her Instagram lol.

Anyway, it was mad rush having to settle baby for feed and bath before going out. But I was really happy during the sushi making class. I think it's stress relieving (I can't say that for hubby who was helping to take care of baby on his own hehe)!

So on Sunday, like how she would usually conduct her bento classes, there were 4 of us there - myself and 3 of the Ninja Girls.

Tadah! The Panda Sushi Kit. Helps to make the sushi easier than you think :)

The kit includes this recipe booklet. It is in Nihongo (Japanese), so Shirley very kindly printed out an English version for me!

The recipe booklet.

Alright, getting started! We need these items: panda sushi kit templates, 310g of sushi rice (divide into 200g and 110g), grounded black sesame, yukari (salted red shiso leaf rice topping), large nori sheets.

And then the sensei started showing us:

The sushi rice after mixing in grounded black sesame and yukari.

And now our turn!

And mix!

After we were done mixing, we had to fill in these slots with rice accordingly.

And press downwards onto the rice firmly, three times:

There are also templates for the nori sheets inside the recipe booklet. We just need to cut the nori sheets out accordingly. Simple! :)

And now it's time to take out the sushi rolls! It's quite difficult to get the rolls out because they are really soft. One tip Shirley told us was to use a chopstick to go underneath the sushi rolls, gently, and lift the rolls up.

Wrap cut-out nori sheet around the sushi roll.

Make the sushi rolls rounder by using the sushi mat.

And now, using another set of the frames, fill it up with sushi rice. Put a piece of nori sheet over it. Invert onto the sushi mat.

Place the rolls accordingly.

Make it round! (Don't be like mine, lopsided lol)

My turn! I was so gan cheong lor haha.

After this step, fill up the gap on top with sushi rice, and cover with the remaining nori sheet.

And now, it's time to slice and assemble!

So kawaii!

My lopsided panda lol.

This is another variation that Shirley has made. So kawaii!!

After our panda sushi making session, Shirley showed us how to whip up some side dishes for bento - a special class with Hinode Hon Mirin and Ryori-shu conducted by Little Miss Bento.

Ketchup Prawns

Shiitake Tsukudani

For the ketchup prawns:

Heat up sesame oil.

Stir fry the prawns until almost cooked through.

Add in ketchup (1 tbsp), mirin (1 tbsp) and sake (1 tsp).
Stir fry till fully cooked. Serve :)

And then we have this Shiitake Tsukudani. Shirley mentioned that it is Japanese rice condiment, usually topped on rice, so it tends to be slightly saltier.

Put all ingredients onto the pan, and stir fry.

Continue until cooked, and sauce thickens. 


And of course, not forgetting a group shot :)

I truly enjoyed myself, though most of the time I was spaced out. Probably because too tired while taking care of baby :p

So thankful for this sushi making session! In fact it was so enjoyable that I went back and googled on bento making and bento tools lol.

Shirley being a bento artist, as well as certified kazarimaki sushi (sushi art) instructor, conducts bento making classes:
1. Open classes (usually monthly) - Fee ranges between $50 to $80 depending on the complexity of the menu design or the duration of the class.

2. Private classes / Bento 101 (1 to 1 classes) - The design of the bento is usually catered to the customers' preference. The fees start at $150 for a 1.5 to 2 hours class.

3. Private booking (for organisations or companies) - Shirley has worked with some clients for their events, product launches, media events or staff engagement activities. The fees and details will be further negotiated (email

4. Kazarimaki Sushi Classes (acreditaed by accredited by Tokyo Sushi Academy) - Kazarimaki sushi is sushi art rolls where students will receive a certificate from Japan upon the successful completion of each level.

Check out her schedule here. Follow her on Facebook, or you could email Shirley ( to be added into the mailing list ;)

And yes, we walked away with the panda sushi kit and Hinode Mirin and Sake! I am pretty sure I would use the mirin to cook some dishes for my family. Heh heh heh.

Thanks Little Miss Bento for the invite and hospitality!


  1. Thank you so much for coming! and I love love the photos that you took in this class! So happy to meet you again!! We need to meet up soon, next time we can just chill :D heheh

  2. Hahaha thanks! :) I truly enjoyed the session! Yes chill is the word.. So I won't be so stressed over the deformed panda shape lol!