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(Almost) Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

The hubby had some major cravings for Famous Amos cookies, and asked me to make some.

And then, Google is my best friend you know. Hahaha! I searched, and saw the chocolate chip cookie recipe on Rasa Malaysia. I decided to just make that, because the cookies looked really good.

After making a batch of these cookies, both hubby and MIL gave the thumbs up! The cookies were very crunchy just out of oven, and became even more crunchy after it cooled down. Not really Famous Amos, but is a cookie more than good enough to solve cravings!

(Almost) Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies - Recipe Adapted from Rasa Malaysia
- 250g butter
- 120g fine sugar + 100 g brown sugar
- 2 eggs, lightly beaten
- 320g all-purpose flour
- 80g corn flour or corn starch
- 1/4 tsp baking soda
- 2 tbsp cocoa powder – optional
- 100g almond nibs (chopped almonds)
- 250g chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 200 degree C or 375 degree F.
2. Combine flour, corn starch and baking soda in a small bowl.
3. Beat butter, sugar and brown sugar until creamy.
4. Add eggs and beat well. Gradually mix in the flour mixture. Stir in cocoa powder, chocolate chips and almond nibs.
5. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto a baking sheet or parchment paper. Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool on wire racks before serving.


  1. Hi! For the butter, do I use salted or unsalted butter?

    1. Hi tingting! Thanks for dropping by. You can use unsalted butter :)

    2. Hi Cherie,

      Thank you for your reply!
      I have tried baking the cookies using the recipe that you posted but I used salted butter instead because the salted butter comes in 250g while the unsalted butter comes in 227g. Haha!
      Nevertheless, the cookies tasted yummy! ^^

      But now the cookies don’t seem to be as crunchy as it just came out from the oven. The cookies have turned a lil soft, kind of “lao hong”. Haha!

      Is this common?
      So sorry to ask you questions again! I’m a baking noob! ><

    3. Hehe glad you've enjoy the baking, tingting!

      Hmm.. Did you store the cookies in airtight container? It should be crunchy for a few days.

      U try to pop them back into the oven for a couple of mins, and see if they regain the crunchiness?

      It's ok! Questions are good hehe. I also started from ground zero and had batches over batches of burnt cookies :p so you are better than me! Hehe :)

      Let me know how the cookies go!

  2. hi there! this recipe can yield how many cookies? =)

    1. Hello there fuezahable! I'm sorry for the late reply! I didn't really count the number of cookies. I think it made quite a good tin of cookies though! You can half the recipe if you would just want to try making for tasting if it's nice :)

  3. Hi there! Im sorry for the late reply..Im wondering if I can tweak ur recipe abit by adding pretzels? So it would be Choc Chip Pretzels cookies.. =)

    1. Hi! I think that should be fine, for add-ins, it won't really affect the recipe. I guess you just need to break the pretzels into smaller pcs :) Let me know if it's yummier!! Hehe..

  4. hi cherie.. I want to know, what grade eggs that you use..?

    1. Hello Farina! I am sorry that I have missed out your reply. For the eggs I usually use 55g if I cannot find the 60g eggs, and I find not too much of difference for cookies :)