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EQ's Full Month Celebration

Had full month celebration for baby last Saturday!

Was so busy the entire day, that I didn't have time to remember to take photos. My camera was with my sister-in-law, which very soon ran out of batt. *KUA KUA* Haha!

We ordered the food from MeiHao99, and everyone was full of raves for the food, especially the curry.

This is the best picture of the food I can find in my camera lol.

We also ordered mini ang ku kueh from the famous Bukit Merah shop.We were quite happy with the super mini size, because most people wouldn't eat the regular sized ones - a little too much.

And on Sunday, we went distributing full month cakes to relatives who didn't come for the celebration. Again, I forgot to take pictures of the full month cakes! We ordered the Premium Perfecto from Sweetest Moments, and I am truly happy with the packaging and all. Though the service not very good la, haha.

We spent quite sometime taking this photo on our own lol. 

On the way delivering the cakes :)

I was very happy on Sunday, when I finally had time to drop by my nanny's house. All of them were so happy to see us. Wa, very touched leh :)

Oh ya, I bought this white top just a few days back, from The Design Closet. Quite cheap from their sale section (I think $10 ah hahahaha). Perfect top for breastfeeding outside ;p

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