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My First Outing with Baby EQ

So I went out and met my friends, WITH MY BABY, alone!

Haha. I wouldn't have thought it to be Mission Possible, because we didn't really go out, even when the hubby was around, only until last Sat and Sun.

I didn't bring the stroller, but armed with my Pupsik sling. And I was pretty mobile the entire trip :)

On the way there.

Coffee Club: Ordered Hot Chocolate and New York Cheesecake. I was sooooooo happy to have the cheesecake because I was seriously craving for cakes haha!

Okie, I know baby's outfit is quite mismatched - my fault!
Rushing for time to dress baby when the taxi has already arrived lol.


 And my friends kept laughing at me under my nursing poncho, that they took a photo. Haha!


Tips for Bringing Your Baby Out ALONE:
1. Nurse the baby to sleep before you head out. You can try to adjust the schedule a little, and I find practising several times help too!

2. Pack your bag early in the morning before the day starts, so you won't fumble around when the baby naps.

3. Visit a mall or place where clean nursing rooms will be easily available.

4. Trial and error to see if your baby prefers taxi or bus/mrt as public transport (ie he/she remains asleep during the journey) ;)

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