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My Confinement Catering (Natal Essentials)

Before I gave birth, both me and hubby discussed and we decided to take confinement catering, instead of confinement lady. Which I was quite glad about, because it makes me more hands-on. And I pretty much love the feeling of being involved in taking care of my baby :)

I researched on quite a few of confinement catering companies, and decided to choose Natal Essentials because of the reviews online - not too salty, not too oily, big portion (like 1.5 times of usual portion for ladies), no MSG.

The best part is I can request to change some of the ingredients in the dishes, eg. liver, hong zao, kidney, pig's trotter etc. See their menu here.

Stir fry lean meat with ginger and spring onion, Fish, Chicken Soup.

Stir fry kai lan with fish (original was liver), Steamed dang gui chicken drumstick, Soup

Sweet and sour fish with capsicum, Black vinegar pork ribs, Brewed hashima with black chicken soup

Chicken wine, Spinach with fish, Double boiled lean meat with dioscorea yam soup

Fried rice with chicken, egg & ginger, Spinach with ikan bilis, Pig's tripe with peppercorns soup

I am pretty much happy with the food, except that it's the same menu every week. Luckily I am not particular with that haha. And sometimes the food came spilled and it was quite messy to take the containers out and eat.

Good: Confinement catering provides convenience for mummies, and is cheaper than engaging a confinement lady. You can get nutritious and balanced diet with its veg, meat, rice and soup. The portion is big as well. I managed to share a little bit of the meals with hubby, till my appetite grew larger as days passed, I could finish an entire meal on my own. It's decently yummy, with no MSG, which is good. 

Bad: Sometimes the food came spilled; sometimes the food came with some variation in timing. I also encountered one of their delivery uncle who was a little rude.

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