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Essential Equipment for Breastfeeding

Ever since I got to know that I am pregnant, I intended to do breastfeeding for my baby. And now, I got to say: Size doesn't matter in breastfeeding! Hahaha!

I think for our generation (the 1980s kids), we grew up with formula milk. However, many mummies now recognise the benefits of breastfeeding, and many opt for total breastfeeding - me too!

Total breastfeeding means feeding the baby with only breast milk. No formula, and no need for water. This can be difficult, especially for first time mums, where our milk might not kick in immediately after delivery.

For me, I am quite thankful that I start to leak colostrum just days before my delivery (sorry, TMI). And just a couple of hours after my delivery, I was able to do breastfeeding for my baby.

If you are considering total breastfeeding, here are some info/equipment which might be useful for first time mums :)

1.  Get A Good Breast Pump

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I was considering to purchase the Medela Swing Maxi or Freestyle. But I wasn't sure if I was able to do breastfeeding, so I decided to just get the Swing Maxi from Mums and Babes, since Swing Maxi is cheaper than Freestyle.

The first time I used it, I was already very happy with it. It is very easy to operate, and is quite silent. If you are considering to get a breast pump, I would recommend an electronic one, and a double pump.

2.  Nipple Cream
The first week when I latched baby on directly, it was really painful for me. I had slight blisters and I felt soreness all over there. Thank goodness I brought along my Medela nipple cream to the hospital, to soothe the area.

3.  Standby Bottles, Teats, Milk Bags and Bottle Warmer
I was quite insistent on doing direct latching to let baby get used to latching. But it is really very tiring - I can latch every 3 hours, or latch every hour; in the morning, afternoon and night.

On Day 12, I finally threw the towel in, and gave in to bottle feeding. I suppose the "training" so far would have been ok for baby to have the habit of latching.

We didn't standby any bottles and teats, so I was quite thankful that our purchases for the bottle warmer and breast pump came with FOC bottles and teats. So YES, please do standby these stuff even though you just want to do exclusive breastfeeding.

Usually after latching baby, if I have time, I would pump out the extra, and store them in bottles (to place in fridge, consume by 48 hours) or milk bags (for freezing, consume by 3 months).

4. Nursing Bra and Breast Pad
This is quite straightforward - because my boobs leak milk. Hahaha. It was very irritating at first when I wasn't wearing the breast pads. And I really think this is the greatest invention ever hahaha! And when I didn't manage to pump or latch on schedule, the breast pads also saved me from the mess.

For nursing bras, I bought Bravado from Allemom. It's more reserved for wearing those smart casual clothes. For daily and home wear, I bought nursing bras from Impression. They are only $17+ each, and I find it really value for money :)

Breastfeeding for first time mums can be quite challenging - worrying over the supply, trying to tahan the pain, and to overcome the tiredness - but what I can say is, persevere and it's really worth it! :)

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