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Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah

Popped by the famous Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah after my gynae check-up yesterday!

We had been thinking of buying the tau sar piah for quite some time - but we either have no time, or are just too lazy to lug the box of tau sar piah back. Haha!

I quite like the nostalgic feel of the shop. It's like a coffee shop, where you can sit and have coffee/tea with some pastries, and spend a laid-back afternoon like on a time machine, back to the older days :)

(Sorry no picture of the shop, too lazy, and probably paiseh also hahaha)

I love the box! Traditional, yet the design is modern like that. Each tau sar piah costs 60 cents each, to which my mother-in-law asked: "huh, where to find?". It's not expensive, and best of it, it's really tasty!

Choice of salty or sweet tau sar piah. My personal preference is salty :)

The tau sar piah filling is slightly different from the Malaysia kind of tau sar piah.

Overall Review: 4/5
Although I enjoy more of the Malaysia kind of tau sar piah - with crumbly green bean paste - I have to say that Loong Fatt's tau sar piah is totally different, and tasty!

We know that the tau sar piah are freshly baked, and the workers were hard at work making the piahs when we visited the shop. I guess freshly baked pastries indeed taste different :)

The tau sar piah crust is quite unique. It's really flaky, and buttery melt-in-mouth kind. Yet, it's not too heavy. You know how some tau sar piah has got really thick skin. And I could taste the saltiness in the crust, which compliment the sweet filling.

It's a tau sar piah that is super worth the 60 cents - or rather, it can be worth more than 60 cents ;p

I might just return to the shop for a lazy afternoon, as they also serve other pastries like butter cake, egg tarts and custard puffs.

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639 Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah
Address: 639 Balestier Road
Tel: 62534584

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