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Blisshouse at The Central

Went for an invited tasting session yesterday at Blisshouse!

Have heard a lot about Blisshouse - food as well as the awesome decor! I missed the Blogger's Party event held by StreetDirectory the other time, when I was having bad pregnancy symptoms. So I was quite ecstatic to have received the invite this time round :)

I didn't get to pop by The Central very often, so I was a little worried about losing my way. Especially when I last remember that the layout of the mall is quite confusing. Thankfully, Blisshouse is quite easy to find!

The restaurant is located at the Yellow Zone on the 3rd floor. Just take the escalator up from the main entrance of the mall, and there is also a useful directory to help. 

Entrance into the restaurant. I love the lights!

Once you step in, you'll get to see this indoor garden concept. And this carriage is simply... Fairytale-like! 

I love the soft toys here!

Hubby likes the decor here so much that he asked if we could use the grass patch for our house next time.

Ambience | There is an enchanting story of a pair of lovers behind the concept of Blisshouse. So they have this indoor garden and home concept in the restaurant. Simply a whimsical and romantic setting for dinner.

The "Home".

I love the floral and fireplace decor!

Sofa fit for royals! Haha :)

We were seated just outside the "Home", at the "Garden". And this is what we see from our table. I super appreciate the Christmas mood decor at the restaurant - since I probably will be spending this year's Christmas at home haha!

Ace from Blisshouse came to introduce about the restaurant's concept as well as suggest recommendations for us.

The story behind Blisshouse.

You would be happy to find that Blisshouse covers quite a wide range of food - starters, pizza, pasta, meats, fish, blended drinks, cocktails, mocktails, juice, soda, tea, coffee, alcohol and wine. I also realise that their wine menu is quite good. They have wine (glass/bot) from different countries like Australia, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Chile etc. I see they have my favourite Moscato d'Asti as well!

Blisshouse also has this Kids' Menu. Items such as Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Fries, Nuggets with Fries, Fish & Chips, Ham & Cheese Penne, are priced at $5 - $6, which is really affordable.

We had Bliss's Yogurt Passionfruit Perfume (hubby's) and Bliss's Vanilla Strawberry Happiness (mine). I can only say that their recommendation is really good, because hubby likes his drink better and I like mine better lol.

Bliss's Vanilla Strawberry Happiness ($12): 3.5/5
I expected something milky and heavy; but instead, it has a light berry ice blended taste.
Totally doesn't fight tummy space with the yummy food to come haha!

Bliss's Yogurt Passionfruit Perfume ($12): 3/5
It has a stronger yogurt/milky taste, which the hubby enjoyed better :)

For starters, we had Nachos and Baked Mushrooms.

I super love the Nachos! It just feels like pizza topping on the slightly salted, crispy Nachos! It's not too cheesy - even the hubby who dislikes cheese enjoyed this so much. Great starter for sharing with friends. I only wished they had some salsa dip to go with hehe.

Nachos ($10): 4/5
Smoked chicken, salsa, aioli, Jalapeno chilli, mozzarella and cheddar on crispy corn chips.

Mushroom lovers will love this! Juicy, succulent mushrooms that are really well-seasoned. The dark sauce on the plate is not chocolate sauce! Haha, it's balsamic reduction cooked over a longer time to get a thicker mixture. I like the taste of the sauce with the mushrooms.

Baked Mushrooms ($10): 3.5/5
Baked button mushrooms stuffed with Ratatouille

For mains, we had the Orange Duck Confit, Breaded Stuffed Pork and Tomato Braised Lamb Shank

I quite like the Duck Confit. It has a very slight orangey taste, that doesn't overpower the taste and texture of the meat. It has a slightly crispy exterior, revealing the tender meat inside. There isn't much of fats either (yay!). The roasted potatoes are firm, which personally I prefer. And I enjoy eating the duck meat together with the roasted red peppers.

Orange Duck Confit: 3.5/5
Duck leg bone in sous vide with orange and thyme, served with roasted potatoes and ratatouille with orange sauce.

The Breaded Stuffed Pork offers a firm bite into the lean pork, with a distinct pesto taste. Great for meat (pork) lovers who don't like a lot of fats in their mains. I love the taste of the smooth, creamy mashed potato!

Breaded Stuffed Pork ($19): 3/5
Breaded pork loin stuffed with pesto & cheddar, fried to perfection, on roasted garlic white sauce.
Served with mashed potatoes and warm vegetables.

We also had the Blisshouse Supremo pizza. It is a nicely flavoured pizza, which I find has more punch compared to a lot of other pizza chain outlets. It has a great tomato base, slightly spicy (only parts with the chilli), with a thin and chewy crust.

I enjoyed the contrast taste of the tomato base, savoury toppings and lots of chilli flakes. Shiok! ;p

Blisshouse Supremo ($22): 4/5
In-house made tomato sauce, pork salami, smoked chicken, olives, pineapple and roasted veg,
topped with mozzarella and cheddar and chilli. 

It was so good that I told hubby I wished I had the stomach capacity to stuff the entire pizza down! Haha! I think the pizza is about 8 or 9 slices. So it's good for sharing as well :)

Next up, the Tomato Braised Lamb Shank! Both hubby's and my favourite main of the night!

The meat is sooooo fork tender. And usually I am quite apprehensive taking mutton outside, but this dish simply has no "stinky" lamb taste. It carries the unique and savoury flavour of lamb meat, braised nicely. The sauce is slightly salty on its own, but goes quite well with the truffle mash.

Tomato Braised Lamb Shank ($28): 4/5
Lamb shank braised overnight in balsamic vinegar, prunes, crushed tomatoes, and veal jus, served with boiled vegetables and truffle mash.

After our mains, we were exploding with the fab food. But what's a good dinner without desserts? :)

We had the Tiramisu and Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert.

Tiramisu ($11): 2.5/5
The mascarpone part of the tiramisu is quite nice. But we didn't particularly enjoy the overly soaked sponge fingers.
A little too soft and soggy for us.

I was more excited when I see the chocolate lava cake being served. I love the buttery smell of this freshly baked cake as it was served. This item is not on their main menu, but usually would be under Dessert of the Day ($8 - please check with staff).

Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream: 4/5
It has a crusty exterior that cuts open to a smooth milky chocolate molten centre. Served with nice, rich vanilla ice cream as well :)

I love that molten centre!!

Right now, Blisshouse is running a couple of promotions. There would be live band performing on Wednesdays and Fridays. What's more, on Wednesday, it will be ladies night, where there will be free flow of Somersby with every dine-in and Facebook page Like and adding as Facebook fan (please call to check out details with the staff). 

Blisshouse is also offering weekday set lunch promotion at $12.50++, where the menu would be changed weekly. I thought it was priced quite reasonably, to include starter, main course, dessert and coffee/tea.

Overall Review: 4/5
I find that Blisshouse looks different during day and night. For day, I find that the natural sunlight makes it great for brunch with friends and family. For night, it's just so nice for romantic dates. Tables are properly spaced apart, and service is quite warm and friendly. 

With the new menu, I find their offering quite extensive and affordable. Starters range from $10 - $22; Pizzas from $15 - $22; Meats from $19 - $32; Desserts from $5 - $12.

Definitely worth a visit, and I probably would return for the lamb shank and chocolate lava cake!

Recommended dishes: Nachos, Baked Mushrooms, Blisshouse Supremo Pizza, Lamb Shank, Chocolate Lava Cake.

Special thanks to StreetDirectory (Nicole for arranging!) and the great hospitality and hosting by Blisshouse Theme Restaurant! :)

x x x x x x x x x

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21, The Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: 6225 5532 
Opening Hours: 12pm-11pm


  1. oh am geeeeee, i am drooling from all your yummy food photos! will try this with the hubby one of these days. btw, how do i join Street Directory blog community? hehehe!

    1. Oh.. I am not very sure, because I received email from them sometime last year to join :)

  2. The food loookss good. Ok now this time you are making me hungry instead hehehe :p

    1. hehehe thank you! :) actually the food is not bad.. I am missing the pizza! haha!