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Sephora Rouge Shine #25 Tabloid

I have always been in a lipstick / lipgloss craze. And I usually try to cut down by pulling myself away from counters, else I have a lot of unused lipsticks and gloss in my makeup stash.

Sometime back I was surfing on blogs, and I came across Sephora's lip colors. I knew I just need to get it ;p

Sephora Rouge Shine #25 Tabloid

I am quite happy with this purchase actually. The color might look really intense on itself, but as the name suggest, it goes on sheer and glossy. Hubby rarely compliment my lip colors, but when he first saw me wear this, he said it looked really nice on me ;)

Sorry for the bad skin, I haven't manage to go to any facial ever since I got pregnant ;p 

Review: 3/5
Will I continue to purchase under this range? My answer is yes! I find that the Rouge Shine range is great for everyday no-fuss on-the-go wear, good for casual look. Of course the staying power can't be compared to MAC or Bobbi Brown, it stayed on me for like 2 - 3 hours, but I am good with it :) 

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