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Manhattan Fish Market (Suntec City)

Had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market with hubby some weekends before.

I hardly ate there, even though it's one of hubby's favourite. Haha! I guess it's just because of 1 bad (oily) experience, and I didn't return ever since.

I am quite glad I gave in this time, and had lunch there. The food is quite good :)

* * * * * *

We went to the outlet at Suntec City. Was greeted by a warm staff, but I guess customer service varies widely in that outlet (if you get what I mean haha) ;p

Ordered potato salad ($2.95), corn salad ($2.95) and Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter ($37.95). But strange enough, the platter came before the salad. And we had to ask for our salad before it came.

Oh, we had to ask for water twice as well.

Corn Salad: 4/5; Potato Salad: 3/5; Flaming Seafood Platter: 4/5

Review: To be honest, I quite enjoy every item on the table - including the veggies haha! This time round, it seemed more acceptable to me the "oiliness" of the food, given that most of the seafood are fried.

The corn salad was really nice - or is it because I love corn? Haha! The diced capsicum didn't overpower the taste of the corns. The salad dressing wasn't those thick creamy kind, so it doesn't make you feel really jerlat. But I still think it's good for 2 pax sharing.

I tried a little of the potato salad, but I didn't really like it because of the dressing. Hubby mentioned that it tasted like potato + egg salad. This salad definitely make you feel jerlat. We didn't manage to finish it in the end because we were too full.

I love the BBQ smell and taste of the prawns; calamari was ok-ok; fish was not bad. I skipped the oysters because I didn't like oysters. Oh, and I super LOVE the fries! Haha I wished they have offered some chilli sauce to go with it.

Manhattan Fish Market is great for casual fun dates as well as for family lunches or dinners. (Just that I wish they have better customer service) If I have super craving for fried seafood, I might just make my way back, despite the lack-of CS :)

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