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Going Through Your 2nd Trimester

Yay! I have finally started on my 3rd trimester. Definitely looking forward to seeing little beanie in another 2.5 months' time. At the same time, I am curious about how she'd look like, but I probably won't be going for the 3D / 4D scan, since newborns look so different compared to being in the womb. Haha!

After going through my first trimester, I find my anxious moodswing finally settled down. I guess praying diligently helps, as well as trusting in God. My second trimester was so smooth and fast that I cannot bear to say bye bye. LOL. It was only towards the end of the second trimester, did I experience some discomfort.

Baby at 24th week :)

As we journey on in our pregnancy days, I guess the most prominent would be our physical changes. I started to tell myself that it's ok to grow slightly flabby arms (with my arm muscles disappearing under those fats haha); I started to accept my tummy bulging out more, so much that I can bump onto tables if I am not careful while walking.

I think I am quite blessed that I didn't pack on too much weight throughout the 6 months. It was only until last month's check-up that I exceeded the recommended weight gain by 0.6kg. And I still would like to think that was because I had an 8-course dinner tasting the night before hahahaha ;p

Thankfully, I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans with the belly band over the zip area, until when I was about 24 weeks. I usually feel comfortable wearing my maternity jeans. But by my 25th week, I was more comfortable wearing cotton jersey dresses instead.

So far in my 2nd trimester, I gained about 8kg (in my 24th week).

To combat against stretch marks, I realised Bio Oil works quite well - in fact, it lightened my old stretch marks, and is not super oily after application. Best part, not expensive ;)

In my 15th week.

In my 20th week.

In my 23rd week. (I still look pretty slim then, not like now lol)

When I am 27 weeks.

Okay, granted that I am not a fashionable person. But I was quite afraid to become "auntie" looking in my pregnancy days.

I don't have a lot of maternity wear, except some dresses and jeans I bought from ASOS. I was quite happy with ASOS maternity jeans - I started wearing since middle of my 1st trimester, and they still fit till now :)

However, for the dresses, I took UK6 but were still a little big for me. I'll probably be wearing the dresses mostly during the later part of my pregnancy.

Now, I mostly buy from H&M. I loooooooove their cotton dresses. Comfy and light. I used to wear something like size 32, now I go 1 size bigger, and they fit quite well. Although I guess I need to "upgrade" to size 36 soon lol.

Looking like really pregnant with this empire cut maternity dress from ASOS lol.
I was about 26 weeks plus then.


I guess nutrition during 2nd trimester is about the same as 1st trimester. But due to the slowing down of digestive activities, I start to eat simpler, after getting bouts of tummy upsets from excessive eating lol.

I limit my carbs (ie I try not to eat too much simple carbs), but ate more veggies and meat. I also start to drink milk regularly everyday, no matter how much I hate milk lol. Heard milk and beef help to build up baby's size :)

I also started to eat healthier snacks like yogurt with wholegrain cereals + dried cranberries + walnuts, or nuts, dried fruits or oatmeal cookies. Rather than bread or pies or cakes during tea break.

We also would tend to get constipation frequently, so prune juice would help. Drinking more water during the day will also help to ease constipation and water retention. 

But of course, I still have craving for not-so-healthy food, especially for breakfast. Like my favourite spring roll, curry puff, fried yam cake, chwee kueh and curry lol.

So far I do not have any veins popping out, but I have more spider veins now. Probably because I am mostly on my feet during work.

I would massage my calves at night, and wear my favourite compression socks to sleep. It does ease the aches, and help prevent painful cramps. I don't recall getting any cramps after I started wearing the compression socks.

At times while I rest on my bed, I would also prop my legs higher using pillow or bolster. 

Another significant change I see is my stamina. I don't have much stamina to walk too much. I can even get breathless as I walk and talk at the same time hahaha.  

Sometime in my 26th week , my tummy felt heavier while standing or walking. A maternity support belt really helps. I am using mine from MotherCare.

At the same time, I also started to feel the ache on my tummy as I change sides to sleep at night. Like gravity pulling something heavy inside your tummy lol. So I got to turn really slowly.

So I got a small pillow to put under my tummy when I sleep on the side. Which I find helpful. At least I don't get the aches from gravity hahaha.

The most effective ways to alleviate the aches would be to lie on my back. My gynae doesn't encourage sleeping on my back due to poor blood circulation, so I alternate lying on my back and putting my bolster behind me when I lie on my side.

* * * * * *

So far from my post, it seemed that pregnancy looks dark and bleak days ahead (HAHAHA). Well.. I hope I don't scare people away from having kids haha.

I guess the changes so far give me some inconveniences, but there are still happy moments in my pregnancy. Especially when I put my hand on my tummy these days, and baby would kick against my hand. Like a high-5! Or she would "swim" to my side and move, and I would be very much tickled lol. 

And now, I am actually looking forward to my 3rd trimester, and I hope baby and my body would be kind to me for the rest of the 2.5 months haha :)


  1. Congratulation dear!!! All the best for your upcoming life.

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  2. i love your pregnancy journal! enjoy the last trimester... take care always, can't wait to see little beanie soon. keeping you both in my prayers...

    typo error on the second sentence (25 weeks, not months hehe)