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2013 - Half Year Recap

So fast, and now it's August! I still remember the stress and rush while preparing for my wedding in Jan!

I thought in year 2012, I went through a lot of changes and new thoughts. Who would know that in year 2013, I would experience more! I look back on 2013, and I am really amazed how God has brought me here, so far.

A Heart of Thankfulness | I cannot thank God more for everything that has happened this year so far. The amazing Holy Matrimony in Feb, our honeymoon, and of course, His greatest gift ever for us - our baby girl :) We wouldn't have expected that the baby would come so soon. Though we did try hard enough for a baby in the first month after our wedding (before I declared it too stressful). And then I prayed that the baby would come through God's timing and plan. And tadah! That was when I conceived.

Reminding Myself that I am Human | This must be quite funny, to remind myself I am human lol. Very often in the past, I'd push myself to do things beyond my limits. And whenever I feel that stretch, and whenever I accomplish tasks, I'd feel good. After my pregnancy, I finally understood that I am not alone anymore. I have a tiny little being in me that I am accountable for. So I don't try too hard to chase after kids, to discipline them too hard, etc. Yes, there are times when I feel less adequate at work. But I learn to be less stressed up.

Me at 20 weeks 6 days.

Trusting God | Throughout this entire pregnancy, we could do nothing other than to trust God. To trust in Him that as He loves everyone of us, our baby will be safe in His hands. It was not easy for me in the beginning, especially when it wasn't very stable. And just last week, my gynae informed me that I have low lying placenta (and can carry certain risks). But strangely I have this sense of peace inside me. Probably I knew because God will be my strength no matter what happens.

A Spirit of Humility | I would think that it is not easy to try to live with your spouse when you are newly married. Let alone to live together with your spouse's parents, grandparent and sibling, PLUS a pregnant body. LOL. I am not complaining, but let's just say that it takes a while to get used to each other's habits. And for the record, yes I have strange habits too. Haha! I think God has been teaching me to remain humble for these few months. And I try not to blame it on the pregnancy hormones for my flare ups lol.

Children's Ministry | I think my life has been revolving around children's ministry - my work, volunteering at the children's club in church, and teaching Sunday School. I thank God for the chances He had given me, because we really can learn a lot from children. Even though sometimes it can get a little nerve wrecking to correct and teach some of these little ones. Like a child can always be welcoming and loving even though he/she is seeing you for the first time. Likewise, a child will always talk to you no matter how many times you discipline him/her when he/she is doing wrong. That is unconditional love and forgiving :)

I am happy most of the time, not because my life is perfect. I have my own share of worries and unhappiness (because I am just but a normal human) but God is really too large for stuff like that :)


  1. Amen to that. You and baby girl keep safe and be healthy. Really excited for you! :)