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MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ

Pic Credit: MooJaa

We were invited to MooJaa for dinner last Sunday :)

Was so thrilled to receive the email from Shaun, because I had been wanting to try out mookata. So it was an evening well spent with good food and with the hubby haha.

I quite like the decor and layout of the restaurant. At least each table is spaced out reasonably, and I love the cushioned seats! Make BBQ-ing more comfortable haha!

Pic Credit: MooJaa
Classy black interior with splash of reds ;)

Mookata means "pork skillet" in Thai, which refers to the special cooking equipment that allows diners to enjoy both BBQ and hotpot at the same time. I like that MooJaa uses charcoal underneath the special dome shaped grill pot.

To start off the BBQ dinner, we were served the cooked items first - their famous cheese balls and fish skin. Oh, and I SUPER love their sauces! Both the tangy seafood sauce and chilli sauce. The seafood sauce is sourish enough to whet your appetite, and never feeling gelat from all the BBQ food; the chilli sauce is spicy enough too!

You can also soak the fish skin into the soup later on for a more texture bite. I am avoiding fish most of the times now (pregnancy food aversion -_-), but I took some bites of the fish skin, and it's really crispy!

Cheese Balls ($8)

 Fish Skin ($6)

 I ordered the refreshing Lemongrass drink ($2.50) because I am off caffeine. Hubby ordered the Cha Yen ($2.50). And that picky eater loved both the drinks! So much so that we started to google for lemongrass drink recipe there. Hehehe.

And then we were served the "highlight" of the dinner! I was so happy to know that they serve Angus beef and Kurobuta pork slices - unlike most BBQ joints that we go to :)

Set Gai (for 2, $45), with Angus Beef Slice ($22) and Kurobuta Pork Collar Slice ($22)

Woo hoo, meat galore! Consists of chicken, pork belly, pork balls, squid, Hokkaido scallops, prawns, Surimi crab sticks, Tang Hoon, cabbage, Kang Kong. Especially now that I am pregnant, I have cravings for meat. So this is great for me lol.

Like I said earlier, I like the idea of BBQ over charcoal. Always thought that BBQ food done this way had a really nice taste.  And at MooJaa, they use quality Binchotan Japanese charcoal. Not the black ones, so there's no soot getting in the food (which will turn the food acidic)!

Pork lard is placed at the top of the dome, which melts into some fatty goodness, adding fragrance to meat BBQ on the dome grill. The hubby was quite happy to see the pork lard because he truly believes adding pork lard to food makes the food tastier lol.

The soup base is very light, brewed from chicken & pork bone, which will turn more flavoursome as we BBQ the meat on the dome grill.

 Most of my favourite food here!

The man doing the work most of the time that evening hehehe!

Loveeee the meat there!

The hubby enjoying his food as much as I do!

The MooJaa menu!

Review: I quite like the decor of the restaurant, very suitable for big group of gathering, or family dinners. I am most impressed with the Lemongrass Drink, and how crispy the outside the chicken meat can be (yet still juicy on the inside). 

Sometimes I crave for BBQ, but gets disappointed to get clumpy and fatty meat. At MooJaa, I was quite happy to see swirls of fats on the meat, that melts to really thin, lean BBQ meat. My favourite would be the chicken meat and Angus beef. I could also enjoyed tasting the original wholesome taste of meat - not just the marinate :) You'll be happy to know that MooJaa's meat won't be clumpy, and is MSG free.

The set for 2 seemed a little too much for us, so I suppose 3 pax could share the set for 2 + Angus beef + Kurobuta pork + Tom Yum Soup + Mango Sticky Rice.

That's what a Thai meal complete right? :)

Address: 25 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089132
Tel: 6536 4780
Instagram: @MooJaa _Mookata / #MooJaa

P.S.: You probably need to make a reservation. The restaurant was almost full by 6.30pm, even when there was a slight haze last Sunday :)

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