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Going Through Your 1st Trimester

I think going through the first trimester, especially if it's the first baby, is pretty exciting and joyous.

For me, because I didn't have a lot of experience, and I didn't really announce my pregnancy very early on, I find myself worrying every now and then (because I didn't know what to expect!).Probably because it wasn't a smooth start for me, and it's the most "fragile" period during the first trimester.

I am not "ban tang" but I only managed to inform some close friends and my MIL that I was pregnant (about 5 weeks then). Because I was so worried with all the "what ifs", I didn't want people to come and talk to me about pregnancy and ask me "how is it".

It got to a point when I felt upset/frustrated when people congratulate me (those that I didn't inform them personally). You know, news spread.

When I was about 7 weeks or so, we informed some of our church friends, so that they could help to pray for us.

I still didn't really, officially announce the good news, but since I realised I was pregnant, when people ask me, I'll admit :)

I think for me, body changes were 1 of the symptoms that made me realised "I am really pregnant". I was a girl who has no hips - a straight body, no curves, nothing. Suddenly I realised my hips were pushing out, and my pants/jeans just couldn't fit as early as 6 weeks. I had to unbutton my pants/jeans, so I just got the belly band from Mother Care.

Also expect pimples and drier skin (due to hormone changes I think). I had pimple outbreak during the first few weeks before my face turned drier. It can be quite "depressing" because I am the kind who rarely have 1 pimple, and then suddenly I can have 3 or 4 angry zits on my face. So I just stayed positive and consoled myself it's good that the hormones are working ;p

It's also recommended to use stretch mark cream as early as the first trimester to help prevent stretch marks, especially when your skin gets dry.

You may also experience more discharge (keep cool and clean!), bloating and constipation. I find prune juice and a few cups of warm water in the morning helps.

Thankfully, my morning sickness was really mild. I didn't have a lot of puking episodes. I think only twice through my first trimester; the other times were only just puking air. I seek comfort in Florida Nature's orange juice and apple juice, sour plums and potato chips (with no MSG).

It's important to eat healthier than pre-pregnancy. I try to, but sometimes it's hard especially when we had to eat out. So during the first trimester, I try to cook and pack lunch as often as possible.

Pregnant mummies need to eat more servings of leafy vegetables and fruits, as compared to pre-pregnancy. Drink more milk and tofu too. I find milk difficult to drink during my first trimester, so I usually spam low sugar soy milk lol.

I guess the only misconception is that pregnant mummies need to "eat for two". During the first trimester, we do not need to take in too much extra calories. So if you're having hunger pangs before you experience morning sickness, snack on dried fruits or fresh fruits.

Try to eat every 2 or 3 hours to help prevent nausea and gastric.

Halfway into my first pregnancy, my gynae also prescribed multi-vit, fish oil, calcium and folic pills. It's recommended to take folic before your pregnancy, or as soon as you know you are pregnant.

I frequently feel tired during the first trimester, which is normal! Since the body is making and forming a baby - hey, no easy job ok! ;p

So I had to take 2 or 3 hours nap over the weekends, if not I'll not have the energy to work on the coming week. So during my first trimester, I practically sleep if I can. I cut down on events and meet-ups to do that.

During my pregnancy, I realised it's the period when we shouldn't push our bodies too much. I used to be someone who is very hands-on, want to work even when I am not feeling well, but I start to take on a more relaxed mode during the first trimester. Which I think most pregnant mummies should :)

I don't do much exercise in the first trimester. I totally stop running and jumping, or walking too fast, because of the spotting earlier on. But because of my work, I still walk around pretty often, which my gynae suggest otherwise hahaha. So far, little beanie had been good, and I find walking around helps me to maintain my energy level.

It's recommended to continue to do exercise during our pregnancy, so that the delivery can be smoother. I am not sure about jogging, but I am sure we all can have some time for brisk walk or swimming or some stretching exercises like pilates for pregnant women.

I start to realise that I grew very negative once into my pregnancy. My friend commented that it's normal lol. Probably due to the hormonal and body changes. However, I also realised it's not healthy, because happy mummy = happy baby.

So I started to pray for myself and the baby everyday (once or twice). And I bought a prayer book from Precious Thots, with prayer tips according to the baby's growth and development. It helps me in shifting my mindset, and then I became more positive - even when I had pimple outbreak, flabby arms, expanding belly and bad nausea lol.

It also help a lot when you have a pregnant mummy support group, or simply just speak to a positive and trustworthy friend (who had been pregnant before) about your worries.

For myself, I find my first trimester passing sooooo slowly, I find that installing pregnancy app helps. It help me to have something to look forward to every week.

I downloaded the What to Expect pregnancy app, which keeps track how far you are along, and the estimated size of the baby with each week's growth.

I also have the Baby Center's pregnancy app for pregnancy tips daily, and to see the picture of the baby developing weekly.

And then before you know it, your first trimester will be over, and you'll probably be feeling better by week 13 or 14.

Enjoy your pregnancy, because it's an unique and amazing experience only women can go through :)

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